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Usher in the happy year of the sheep. In the new year, I believe that many owners' friends are most concerned about the major event of the decoration and commencement of the new home. As the saying goes, the plan of a year lies in spring, so we also need to make a plan before starting decoration, and learn some matters needing attention in spring decoration in detail. Xiaobian will teach you how to calculate these accounts for decoration in the new year

first, calculate the decoration time account

home decoration is not achieved overnight, but a process of testing patience and care. The more time and attention the owner spends on decoration, the higher the satisfaction after decoration is sure to be. Generally speaking, it takes about 10 days from the owner to contact the decoration company to determine the preliminary design scheme. If the house type is large, it takes longer. After the decoration, it will take at least 45 days for plumbing works, electrical works, woodworking, paint spraying and bricklaying works. If you add 10 days for the installation of flooring, sanitary ware, cabinets and other main materials, it will take at least 55 days for a house to be decorated. If you count all the furniture in place and the necessary ventilation period, the time will be longer. Therefore, even if the decoration starts now, the decoration of a house can be completed as soon as April. For the owners who want to complete the decoration of the wedding house before May Day, the time is a little rushed. During this period, there will be plum rain season, especially in the decoration of southern areas, we should pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof must be done in place

second, calculate the economic account of decoration

the price of decoration in the new year is bound to rise, which is the general trend of the development of the industry. The cost of various materials in the home decoration industry is rising every year. Therefore, when the owner makes a budget, he can't calculate it according to the amount of money per square meter. Companies that calculate the decoration price according to the square of houses or sets in the market are more or less suspected of fooling consumers, so owners must do a good job in subdivisions when making family decoration budgets. According to the total decoration amount accumulated by items, there will generally be an increase of 20% to 30%, which should also be taken into account by the owner in the decoration budget. In addition, after the Spring Festival every year, due to the rising cost of production, many main material brands will raise prices, and most brands will choose 3· 15 front and rear. Therefore, it should be a good time to determine the main materials for purchase now

third, do a good job in cooperation and acceptance

owners who have decoration experience have this experience: at first, they are always afraid that the workers are not in place, so they look at the workers everywhere. After the decoration is completed, they find that there is no need to be so tired. The key is to choose a trustworthy decoration company. If it is a large formal decoration company, the workers' construction is carried out in accordance with the construction specifications, and the owner's supervision has little impact on the workers' construction; On the contrary, if it is an informal decoration guerrilla or leather bag company, no amount of supervision by the owner can prevent them from making small moves

in fact, the main work of the owner in the decoration is three cooperation and two acceptance. The third cooperation is to cooperate with the decoration company to deal with the relationship with the community property, cooperate with the decoration company to purchase necessary materials, and cooperate with the decoration company to deal with the use of water and electricity during the decoration period. The two parts of acceptance include project acceptance and finished product acceptance. The water pipe pressure test before the waterway reconstruction and the 24-hour closed water test before the tile paving belong to the project acceptance. The acceptance of finished products mainly refers to the acceptance of floors, wooden doors, cabinets and sanitary wares before and after installation, including checking the model, color and quantity, etc., and checking the flatness of the floor, the flexibility of wooden doors and whether the gap is reasonable after installation

IV. add some professional knowledge

the home furnishing industry is an industry with low attention, and many owners know little about it. Therefore, it is necessary to learn some relevant knowledge before decoration, especially the understanding of decoration construction specifications. After all, knowing yourself and knowing the enemy is invincible. Through learning, owners can better protect their rights and better carry out project acceptance

if conditions permit, you might as well have some understanding of the identification of materials, such as the identification of wood species when purchasing floors, the understanding of various plates when purchasing cabinets, and how to distinguish various artificial countertops. When choosing sanitary ware, the owner should also have some knowledge about the flushing method and water-saving performance of sanitary ware

summary: there are many things to pay attention to when starting decoration in the new year. Whether it is to resume work or start a new project, these points mentioned in the article are very practical. Owners should calculate the time and economy before decoration, and do more homework during decoration, so as to avoid some unnecessary decoration mistakes





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