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How can the new Chinese style of hardbound house be more unique in family soft decoration? Today, we will introduce some new Chinese products of Yulia soft bags to you to understand the concept of new Chinese style more specifically

national is world. With the spread and influence of Chinese culture, the unique charm of Chinese style has also been welcomed all over the world. Chinese style is also very popular in family soft clothing. The new Chinese style combines the traditional Chinese culture and the comfort of modern home, basically keeping pace with the times and more in line with the living habits of modern people

how can the new Chinese style of hardbound house be more unique in family soft decoration

today, we will introduce some new Chinese products of Yulia to you to understand the concept of new Chinese style more specifically

new Chinese style

soft concept

new Chinese style is also called modern Chinese style. It refers to a decorative style that refines and integrates classical architectural elements into modern people's life and aesthetic habits under the background of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style

the general design of this style is relatively simple and atmospheric, reflecting the unique charm of Chinese traditional family soft clothing culture. A wide range of decorative materials, with fashionable collocation, the effect is cooler than the classical Chinese style

Ode to elegance

pines and cypresses, strange stones and birds. The patterns of this theme, coupled with embroidery, can not only reflect the tenacious charm of the owner of the house like pines and cypresses, but also reflect the elegance of Huangshan stone and welcoming pine. At the same time, it also has the style of Japanese ukiyo. The style of neoclassical furniture is more like a diversified way of thinking, combining the romantic feelings of nostalgia with the expectations of modern people for the living environment, while the application of Italian neoclassicism elements creates a mood through color contrast and creates a wonderful painting effect

cloud brocade

cloud brocade is the most precious brocade, with bright colors and magnificent patterns like colorful clouds. "With the fragrance of brocade clouds all over the mirror, and the flutes on the shore, I'm drunk in a boat." Such a poetic scene is vividly reflected in this product, like cutting a precious piece of cloud brocade, bringing her home and leading you into the world of books

traditional art collides with

modern Chinese style is the extension and development of traditional classical Chinese style. Modern people prefer fresh and generous style. The traditional Chinese style is resplendent, magnificent and luxurious, and the art style lacks modern flavor, and the decoration cost of Chinese style is high. Compared with the traditional Chinese style, the new Chinese style retains the traditional Chinese culture, integrates modern fashion elements into the modern decoration style, combines modern elements with traditional elements, and creates things with traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that the vein of traditional art can be inherited

cloud axis volume book

the beauty of Chinese symmetry is presented unreservedly. Since ancient times, Chinese people have been pursuing the symmetrical beauty in creation. In many Chinese cultural quintessence, we seem to see the intake of symmetrical elements. Architecture, painting, poetry, porcelain, couplets, seals, calligraphy and so on pay attention to symmetry, reflecting the unique concept of yin-yang balance of Chinese people. The designer perfectly integrates the beauty of symmetry into his works

ferro house

follows the design style of Chinese classical symmetrical beauty, and the circular outline design shows happiness. Taking China's "Yuanshou" as the prototype, the design outlines the happy and happy home of children and grandchildren in Chinese culture

New Chinese style

decorative elements

New Chinese decoration is not the retro decoration of traditional culture, nor the restoration of traditional Chinese style, but the integration of classical elements into modern decoration style. It is a set of "tailor-made" solutions obtained by soft decoration designers based on experience, ability to control design elements and in-depth analysis of the owners they face

man Tingfang

"the new makeup is graceful and bright, and su'e is surrounded by thousands of snow." The newly opened magnolias are elegant and graceful, as if the graceful beauty had just decorated her face, glowing with a jade like glow. Magnolia flowers are amazing when they bloom, full of tree fragrance, and the flowers and leaves are stretched and full. Although the flowering period is short, it is particularly gorgeous when it opens, elegant, tough, and generous

new Chinese style design advocates using simple and strong lines to outline elegance and introversion. The use of linear decorative lines reflects the living atmosphere of modern people in pursuit of a simple life and caters to the modern atmosphere. Such a Chinese style is more practical and full of modern feeling

a spring

plum blossom is the fairy in winter and the first spring in the coming year. There is a special charm in the fragrance of flowers, which makes people ignore the cold in winter. Plum blossom in the lonely cold, tenacious and independent. What a beautiful artistic conception, the purity and tenacity of plum blossoms, so that ancient and modern scholars are fascinated by it, preferring to pray to the north wind. Then, are you willing to be artful and indulge in it

New Chinese style

Jewelry form

porch window flowers and birds

wood wallboard can always bring a warm feeling to people, and it is the so-called "dead wood in spring". When "wood" meets "flowers", it is like a picture without life, which is instantly endowed with infinite vitality. Only through the beauty seen by the eyes, you can feel the fragrance that seems to exist, which is the wonderful combination of nature and art

Qingxin plays with butterflies

the bright flowers are like red lotus reflecting the water. The breeze blows, and the petals dance with beautiful butterflies. That kind of beauty intoxicates people. Plants are a perfect natural decoration, with fresh and pleasant branches. The elegance released is refreshing. Immersed in natural space, with sunshine and butterflies, create an urban version of "butterflies love flowers"

furniture: simple and concise, simple lines, delicate textures, creating a return to nature mood, the original antique furniture is attractive, Mahogany Bookcase, Grand Master chair, Bogu shelf, palace shelf bed, partition fan carved with flower and bird patterns and other pure manual Chinese classical furniture can reflect this decoration style

well, after reading so many new Chinese products of Yulia, do you like them very much

have you also learned more about the concept of new Chinese style, and have many more choices in the application of home decoration in the future

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