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Decoration is very complicated. You should learn to deal with merchants, decoration companies and masters. Among them, all kinds of disputes can't be avoided, such as mistakes on the way to buy materials and broken tiles; The color difference is too large, and the merchant will not return it

decoration is very tedious. You should learn to deal with merchants, decoration companies and masters. Among them, all kinds of disputes can't be avoided, such as mistakes on the way to buy materials and broken tiles; The color difference is too large, and the merchant will not return it; Decoration companies cut corners and waste too much So what are the common disputes? How to avoid such disputes

at present, home decoration disputes mainly exist in the following five aspects

first, design disputes, mainly because the design scheme can not put forward appropriate designs for individual differences; The designer's lack of careful consideration of the design scheme leads to design defects after the house is decorated; In order to earn rebates, designers persuade consumers to buy specified decoration materials

second, quality disputes, mainly manifested in the Jerry built waterproof works of decoration companies, and the shoddy production of heating equipment and decorative materials, with unsatisfactory results; Omit the leveling process of walls and floors, resulting in uneven floor laying or bent skirting lines; Tiles or wallpaper fall off soon after construction

third, environmental disputes, mainly reflected in the decoration company did not use or falsely expressed the use of environmental protection materials, exaggerating the environmental protection level of decoration materials

fourth, warranty disputes. The decoration company promised a long-term warranty service. Once there is a quality problem, it will shirk the warranty responsibility

fifth, contract disputes are mainly manifested in the fact that the decoration company does not use the decoration materials agreed in the contract or uses inferior materials, thereby unreasonably delaying the construction period

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quality and quantity are far more important than after-sales service

“ In the process of home decoration, quality and quantity are far more important than after-sales service& rdquo; The person in charge said that consumers must pay great attention to the decoration process. At present, the number of complaints about furniture and decorative materials has increased. What is common is that the physical objects that consumers buy back are inconsistent with those customized in the store; Quality problems of decorative materials; Improper operation of workers; The signed contract is vague, the operators often find reasons to excuse themselves in case of disputes, and it is difficult for consumers to safeguard their rights

for example, in terms of contract traps, the decoration quality proposed by the decoration company cannot be fulfilled, and there are additions in the decoration process. In fact, it is to deceive consumers in disguise. In the process of decoration, fake goods are treated as real goods, and indoor pollution occurs after decoration. Contract problem is a stubborn disease in the decoration industry, which is the most difficult to cure

as for the labor cost, it is difficult for consumers to calculate how many square meters the decoration company brushes, what level of decoration workers they hire, and the number of power lines, etc. these dishonest performances make the gap between them larger and larger. If it's just a waste of consumers' money, the key is that it also brings hidden dangers. For example, the socket is secretly replaced with a less loaded one. When the load is increased, the shell of the power line is prone to aging. Whether to use copper materials, etc. These are likely to cause safety hazards

clarify the contract to avoid disputes

before the cooperation between the two parties begins, the relevant issues should be clearly stipulated in the contract to avoid future disputes

regulations on material quality. Now the decoration materials are bought by the owners and contracted to the decoration company. Both parties shall stipulate the responsibility for the resulting results. But this is troublesome, because the quality of materials often plays a decisive role in the quality of construction. For example, paint, fake and inferior products will lead to construction failure. Many owners are very concerned about the main materials, but they don't know much about the auxiliary materials, which is wrong. Excipients also play a key role

regulations on construction technology. To avoid disputes in the future, both parties have to make general provisions on the construction technology. Nowadays, decorative materials and processes are changing with each passing day, so it is difficult to make restrictions, but certain steps can be specified, such as how many times of paint to brush. It should be reminded that similar indicators are not the higher the better. For example, painting too many times is not necessarily good

provisions on construction warranty. This is the most crucial point. No matter how detailed it is, if there is no provision for warranty, it is the same empty talk. At present, the national compulsory warranty is two years, including five years for waterproof and other projects. During the warranty period, the construction shall be responsible for the quality problems. Of course, if it is not an all inclusive form, there will be problems in the dispute over quality, such as waterproof engineering, which involves the aging problem caused by the quality of materials

provisions of construction period. Both parties shall make clear provisions on the construction period, including the punishment for violating the construction period. This is the best way to solve the project delay

provisions of payment method. Both parties shall make clear provisions on payment, including penalties for delayed payment. Many owners will use the way of deduction to deal with decoration companies. In fact, who doesn't make money in business and how to eat without making money? Therefore, people should not be allowed to earn less or delay

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