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Production and marketing trends and market analysis of high pressure polyethylene Enterprises, The domestic market price of high-pressure polyethylene continued the trend of "slight decline in high quality", and the main factor leading to the market decline was the downturn in the market price of linear high-pressure polyethylene since the first three days at the end of the month (6) Strengthen the development of new materials and give consideration to coordination. Domestic linear high-voltage manufacturers began to cut prices in an all-round way, causing the market to fall into a more chaotic situation

at present, the nominal quotation of domestic linear high-voltage manufacturers is 7000 yuan/ton, and the actual settlement price is concentrated in yuan/ton. The large-scale batch price policy is quite common. However, there are many traders selling goods in the market. The ticket price in Shandong market is 6700 yuan/ton, and there is no ticket price of 6500 yuan/ton

at the end of last week, the domestic high-pressure polyethylene market price in Shandong was temporarily closed at 7500-77, which will bring about a breakthrough change in China's EPS industry. The price in East China was 7600-7800 yuan/ton, an increase of 200 yuan/ton compared with the same period at the beginning of the year, but a significant decrease compared with the first half of February. With the gradual increase of inventory, in order to achieve production efficiency and reduce unnecessary environmental impact rate indicators, some high-pressure production enterprises had to issue some preferential policies to stimulate sales at the end of the month

from the perspective of the market in the near future, the trend of domestic high-pressure polyethylene market will be subtle. In the short term, the high-pressure market may continue to decline, but under the influence of some positive factors, the high-pressure market will not fall too much. First of all, with the arrival of the peak season of plastic demand, the operating rate of domestic downstream production enterprises will increase, which will help to stabilize the domestic high-pressure market. Meanwhile, international crude oil and ethylene prices will still play a supporting role in the market. The international crude oil price continues to rise. At present, the international crude oil price is always hovering at the high point of $35/ton. Affected by this, the price of ethylene in Asia recently rose to $660/ton (CFR, Southeast Asia), reaching the highest level in more than three years. It is expected that with the arrival of March, the international crude oil and ethylene prices will remain high, which will strongly support the prices in the Asian high-pressure market. In addition, some domestic production enterprises (Guangzhou petrochemical, Shanghai Jinshan and Lanhua, etc.) have been overhauled or are ready for overhauling. The relatively centralized overhaul arrangement of polyethylene units will make the market supply slightly tight. Among them, the 150000t/a cracking unit of Guangzhou Petrochemical Company was shut down for maintenance on February 10 and expanded to 200000 tons for 50 days; Shanghai Petrochemical's 150000 ton cracking unit was shut down for maintenance for one month, and a high-pressure polyethylene production line cooperated with the maintenance. It is estimated that about 40% of its high-pressure output will be affected during the maintenance period; The ethylene plant of Lanhua company was shut down for maintenance for two months in mid April, and the capacity of 160000 tons of ethylene will be expanded to 240000 tons

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