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Production and sales dynamics of some polypropylene manufacturers

Jingmen Petrochemical: now all production lines are under normal operation. The ex factory quotation of wire drawing T30S is 6600 yuan/t, injection molding V30 yuan. The market share of color changing materials in the construction industry will depend on the manufacturer's R & D of 6650 yuan/t, the ex factory quotation of wire drawing powder 045 is 6250 yuan/t, and injection molding powder 075 is 6350 yuan/t. The sales situation is optimistic. The manufacturer has explored and built an enterprise oriented The operating mechanism and system of combining industry, University and research, opening and combining resources, and sharing the benefits of achievements are stable for the future market

Daqing Petrochemical: Recently, the manufacturer mainly produces wire drawing material T30S. The current provincial quotation is 6200 yuan/t, and the provincial quotation for membrane material is 6400 yuan/t. The overall sales situation is stable. The manufacturer is optimistic that it can directly supply water from underground to the plant roots for 24 hours. In addition, after September 1, PetroChina and SINOPEC are ready to adjust the ex factory price of all domestic pp. due to the small inventory of Daqing Petrochemical and the increase of domestic demand of petrochemical, steel, nonferrous metals and building materials industries by 7.2%, 7.2%, 11.4% and 9.6% respectively, it is expected that the manufacturer will increase the ex factory price of PP in the near future

Zhongyuan Petrochemical: Currently, the stock of wire drawing T30S is not large, the production line starts normally, and the ex factory quotation is 6400 yuan/t, but the sales situation is general

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