Manitowac strengthens partnership and constantly e

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Manitowak strengthens partnerships and constantly expands overseas markets

manitowak strengthens partnerships and constantly expands overseas markets

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stirnimann AG, as the official Swiss dealer of manitowak Botan crane, has developed and used engineering plastics, high reliability and safety materials and low VOC environmental protection materials for more than 25 years, and has distributed grove mobile cranes for nearly 50 years. Stirnimann recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and held a customer event, which attracted 2000 people to visit its Swiss headquarters

during the event, the company headquartered in 1. Alten with panel display function exhibited the newly listed grove gmk5250l all terrain crane, grove gmk6300l all terrain crane, a Botan mdt308 flat head tower crane and Igot 85 self erecting tower crane

"this event is not only a celebration of our 100th anniversary, but also a celebration of our long-term partnership with manitowac," said Fritz oschwald, general manager of stirnimann

manitowak strengthened its partnership and constantly expanded its overseas market

in early 2015, stirnimann became the exclusive distributor of Botan tower crane in neighboring Austria, which added a valuable member to manitowak's dealer network in this region. This move will help manitowac expand its business in this market and enhance its relationship with one of the largest construction equipment suppliers in Europe

"if we remain focused and continue to supply manitowac's leading products, our future looks bright. We look forward to continuing our cooperation in the next 25 years or more," oschwald explained

maximize return on investment

with its exclusive partnership with grove and manitowac, stirnimann is trying to help its customers improve their return on investment by constantly enriching crane products and services, such as manitowoccrane care. The company has been highly praised for its focus on customers and his help to further understand the cranes equipped by them, and will better develop its maintenance, overhaul, support and consulting services through closer cooperation with manitowac

"thanks to our solid relationship with stirnimann, we are confident that we can provide comprehensive services to customers from the sale of cranes to the whole product life cycle," said klauskroeppel, deputy general manager of regional sales in manitowak. "Stirnimann is famous for its excellent sales and service products in Central Europe, and its full range of services ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction."

stirnimann provides many services, including maintenance, inspection, training and crane solution consulting. The company pays close attention to the cranes it rents or sells, not only to help customers improve their efficiency, but also to help extend the life of their cranes

"we are able to provide flexibility and reliability in a rapidly changing market and continue to focus on achieving sustainable development in our existing market," oschwald said. "We will continue to work closely with manitowak to ensure that our customers receive a greater return on their investment than when they buy or rent cranes from us. Our 100 years of experience have taught us that maintaining a dynamic partnership with our suppliers is the key."

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