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Packaging supplier management technology

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core tip: when it comes to packaging supplier management, people first think of quality management, so how to manage packaging suppliers technically? Next, the author will discuss with you

[China Packaging News] when it comes to packaging supplier management, people first think of quality management. Then, how to manage packaging suppliers technically? Next, the author will discuss with you

technical management

first, let's understand the composition of the supply chain. Supply chain refers to the connection or business connection of all stakeholders before the goods reach the hands of consumers. It is a functional chain structure that centers on the core enterprise, through the control of information flow, logistics and capital flow, starts from the purchase of raw materials, makes intermediate products and final products, and finally sends the products to consumers by the sales network, which connects suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and end users into a whole

build an expert team that is good at cost control, quality control and supply management, and become the best partner of suppliers and customers. So, what characteristics should an efficient supply chain have? To sum up: sincere cooperation to promote end-to-end cost optimization; Actively and spontaneously, continuously improve the applicability of the supply chain; Operate efficiently and establish a world-class supplier base; Recruit talents to meet and embrace change

supply chain management starts from the purchase of raw materials until customers receive products or services. Among them, the management of packaging suppliers is a very important part of the whole supply chain management, which has a decisive impact on product cost control, quality control and on-time delivery. The management team of our packaging suppliers is mainly composed of procurement business, procurement engineering and material operation teams

the procurement business team is mainly responsible for supplier development, product quotation and maintenance of packaging supplier relationship; The procurement engineering team is responsible for the formulation of technical specifications, engineering quality control of packaging suppliers and failure analysis of products; The material control operation team is responsible for the daily management of the supply chain, safety stock control and supply sustainability

next, the author focuses on the responsibilities of the procurement engineering team, which is closely related to the daily management of packaging suppliers. The procurement engineering team includes two small teams: TPM and sqm. TPM is responsible for defining the technical roadmap and technical standards of product packaging, and sqm is responsible for specific implementation. Technology roadmap is the direction of product design, which has a decisive impact on the selection of materials, the realization of environmental goals, and the development of suppliers. The technical management of packaging suppliers cannot be separated from the close work of TPM and sqm

experience sharing

next, the author takes corrugated boxes as an example to talk about some experience of technical management of packaging suppliers

corrugated board is made of face paper, core paper and lining paper by bonding, and corrugated board forms a corrugated box. In order to ensure transportation safety, we need to ensure several important physical parameters of corrugated boxes, including paper weight, bursting strength, edge compression strength, etc

European and American companies are used to marking the edge pressure strength of the cardboard on the guarantee seal at the bottom of the corrugated box, which is to facilitate the replacement of corrugated boxes of the same level for damaged packages. However, if only the boundary pressure strength is defined, there will be great loopholes in the management of packaging suppliers. This is because the edge compression strength of paperboard is relatively easy to achieve. By strengthening the core paper, we can achieve higher edge compression strength and full box compressive strength. However, the laboratory of the mechanical manufacturing department can better reflect its advantages in terms of bursting strength. Otherwise, if a relatively high bursting strength is achieved, because the intelligent control system of the pressure testing machine is very complex and the lining paper itself also has a high bursting strength, it can be said that the bursting strength is a hard index. Therefore, the technical management of corrugated box suppliers needs to make requirements for the bursting strength and edge compression strength of corrugated boxes at the same time, so as to avoid loopholes

standardized the technical requirements, which is only the first step. The refined technical management needs to define the corresponding corrugated box paper distribution analysis, and define the quantity, origin, tightness, bursting strength and bursting number of the base paper

bursting index is the unit quantitative bursting strength, and the tightness is equivalent to the density of paper. Base paper from different origins will produce large color differences. At the same time, due to the control of rainwater runoff, it is obvious that the base paper with high bursting index and high tightness does not need a high quantity to achieve a high bursting strength, while the base paper with low bursting index and low tightness needs a high quantity to achieve the same bursting strength. This kind of high-volume paperboard is not conducive to processing. The corrugated box made of it has a heavy self weight and is lack of competitiveness in air transportation. Therefore, the analysis of corrugated box paper distribution is to first meet the requirements of corrugated box physical properties, and on the basis of reaching the standard, continuously optimize the paper distribution scheme to improve the competitiveness of products

in short, managing packaging suppliers technically requires everything to proceed from reality, formulate technical specifications that meet the requirements of the enterprise, and achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and suppliers through guidance and requirements for packaging suppliers. Of course, this has higher requirements for managers, who must be familiar with the development of the whole industry and have high technical ability and influence. We should know that anda technology, which is mainly engaged in cathode materials of lithium batteries, also shares the explosive growth of the lithium battery industry chain, but we should also know why, so as to truly achieve the technical management of packaging suppliers

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