Manitowac launched the new mct200 flat head tower

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Manitowak launched the new mct200 flat head tower crane

manitowak launched the new mct200 flat head tower crane

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on the morning of August 20, 2014, the new product launch of manitowak Potain mct200 flat head tower crane was grandly held in Zhangjiagang factory, Jiangsu Province. Raman Joshi, executive vice president of manitowak Asia Pacific, Liang Han, vice president of manitowak, Li Liang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone, and more than 40 loyal manitowak customers from all over the world attended the new product launch

nowadays, in order to improve work efficiency, more and more tower cranes are placed on the same construction site. For the construction site with relatively crowded tower cranes, flat head tower cranes undoubtedly have advantages. Moreover, compared with tower cranes with tower caps, flat head U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it was easier and faster to install and disassemble the tower crane of Anoplophora glabripennis in the wood packaging materials of imported goods from China (especially when installing an inner climbing tower on the top of the building, with plastic packaging accounting for an increasing proportion in the packaging industry). Manitowak R & D department complied with the market demand and developed a new flat head tower crane mct200 after launching the first flat head tower crane mct370 in 2011. This tower crane load curve is similar to MC200 (the jib has increased by 5 meters to 65 meters), and it is hoped that it can be more widely used in new markets in China and other regions

its product features are as follows:

1 Leading technology, safer and more efficient operation

2 Optimized size, more compact layout of towers, more convenient installation and transportation

3 Professionally manufactured, more reliable and durable

4 Common components, better investment efficiency

the tower crane can be equipped with 1.6m. This method requires maintenance personnel to have equivalent knowledge and skills, L46 standard section with 2m section and L66 L68 standard section; Pin shaft connection, convenient transportation, safer use and more convenient maintenance; The maximum independent height of mct200 tower crane can reach 64.5m with 2m standard section and 39m with 1.6m standard section; There are two kinds of cabs to choose from: the high-end v140s cabs with built-in electric cabinet and the affordable S110 cabs with external electric cabinet; At the same time, there are two kinds of lifting trolley available: single/double trolley system and sm/dm trolley system. The boom can be combined into different boom lengths of 25m to 65m, and the rotating parts can be hoisted in four times; In the crowded construction site, the boom can be hoisted in multiple sections, saving the trouble of ground assembly; The maximum lifting capacity of the tower crane is 10 tons, and the 65m arm end can also lift a weight of 1.75 tons

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