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The managers of packaging and printing enterprises urgently need to improve their own quality

the packaging and printing industry is a complex industry, which involves many related industries. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the packaging and printing industry has developed rapidly, and the number of employees in the industry is also millions. Among many packaging and printing enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises occupy an absolute position. It was these business owners who seized the opportunity to devote themselves to the printing and packaging industry in the early stage of China's economic reform and opening up. After a period of operation, they accumulated the first pot of gold in their life journey, and also promoted the rapid development of the whole industry. With the increase of the number of enterprises, the intensification of market competition and the reduction of enterprise profits, how to maintain the prosperity and sustainable development of enterprises is a new problem faced by many enterprise managers

looking at the current situation of managers of packaging and printing enterprises in China, it has the following characteristics:

first, the level of knowledge needs to be improved. In recent years, the development of packaging and printing enterprises has attracted a number of people with high academic qualifications who have received systematic management knowledge to join. However, compared with the number of enterprises and employees, their proportion is far from enough. More packaging and printing enterprise managers need to improve their knowledge level, master the latest industry technology and development direction, and carry out technological innovation and management innovation

second, the knowledge structure needs to be reasonable. When selecting managers of packaging and printing enterprises, they are mostly senior employees with skilled skills and rich work experience, who are skilled in packaging and printing technology, but lack professional knowledge in factory management and enterprise development. When the enterprise scale is small and the business volume is small, it can also ensure the normal operation of the enterprise, and when the enterprise scale gradually expands, it feels stretched and difficult to cope

the above two points determine that the managers of packaging and printing enterprises can only continue to learn. 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage in the host and oil source, grasp the management knowledge of the system, and improve their own quality, so as to lead the enterprise to continue to develop

fortunately, a considerable number of enterprise managers have realized that continue 1 The importance of learning in the range of room temperature 10 ° C ~ ⑶ 5 ° C also has the awareness of improving their own quality, but they are unable to find an effective way to learn. At present, there are many management courses in the market, but few are closely combined with the packaging and printing industry. The General Administration of publishing and the higher education colleges of packaging and printing are also constantly trying to design training courses suitable for managers of many packaging and printing enterprises. For example, the "post training for leading cadres of publishing units" organized by the General Administration of publishing, the "high repeatability of the senior research test for the president of printing enterprises; the latter cheap course course course" (in the field of printing media) and the "advanced training course for enterprise managers" organized by Beijing Printing Institute are all known management courses tailored for the managers of packaging and printing enterprises

the development of enterprises ultimately depends on people's management. Only by continuously improving the management level of enterprise managers can we finally improve the overall level and the quality of employees in China's packaging and printing industry

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