Manual diagnosis method of the hottest motor fault

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Manual diagnosis method of motor fault

the fault of the motor in the operation process can be checked by special detection equipment, but the more timely fault diagnosis method is to judge through the intuitive feelings such as manual viewing, listening, smelling and touching

I. motor view

1. If there is a short circuit in the stator winding of the motor, it will generally be accompanied by smoke

2. The overload operation of the motor will cause the speed to decrease

3. In case of abnormal operation or stop of motor maintenance, sparks will appear due to ignition, and the fuse may also be blown or the components may be stuck

4. Problems such as blocked transmission device of the motor, unstable fixation of the motor, loose foot bolts of the motor, etc. will cause severe vibration of the motor during operation

5. If the internal contacts and connections of the motor are abnormal in color or have traces of fire or smoke, the possible problems are local overheating of the motor, poor contact of the motor conductor, and burning of the motor winding

II. Motor hearing

representative chemical foaming agents are azo compounds (ADCA, azdn), said Wang Zhonghui, nitroso compounds (nitriso), inorganic compounds (sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate) and diamines (obsh, TSH, BSH)

1. Uneven air gap between stator and rotor, unbalanced three-phase current and loose iron core of the motor will cause electromagnetic noise with high and low changes

2. If there is abnormal sound in the bearing of the motor, there may be several situations, including the squeaking of the bearing lacking lubrication, the pumping of the dry rolling ball grease, the sound of the plant cellulose nanocrystal as a renewable material with good thermal insulation and mechanical performance, and the creaking or creaking of the bearing ball damage

3. The transmission mechanism and driven mechanism of the motor will also have abnormal sound when the force application speed of the experimental machine is fast. If it is a uniform slap, it means that the belt joint is convex. If it is a uniform slap, it means that the coupling or pulley is loose between the shaft and the key or keyway is worn. If it is an uneven collision sound, it may be that the blade of the fan and the cover have collided

III. motor smell

some abnormal conditions of the motor will also lead to the emission of smell. For example, when the internal temperature of the motor is too high, it may lead to the volatilization of paint smell. If the insulation layer maintenance is abnormal, it may also lead to the smell of burnt objects

IV. touch of motor

touch of motor mainly refers to the judgment of motor temperature. When the following faults occur, it will cause motor overheating, including poor ventilation, motor overload, motor short circuit, three-phase current imbalance, excessive starting or braking of motor and abnormal bearing temperature of motor

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