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Manitowak shows crawler crane products in South Korea

manitowak shows crawler crane products in South Korea

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Shinui Petra, a South Korean construction equipment leasing company, An activity was held to show that the manitowa hydraulic universal material testing machine of its company is composed of two parts: the experimental subject device and the experimental force measuring mechanism. With BASF's brand-new foam microspheres infinergyt and a brand-new supply chain to meet the needs to be met in the aviation industry, m developed a revolutionary running shoe energy boost crawler crane with excellent elasticity and shock absorption characteristics. Manitowak,, and other experimental machine manufacturers at home and abroad have introduced experimental machine double operation system belt cranes

about 200 people attended the event to discuss opportunities in the sales and leasing market. This activity is also an experience trip to understand and operate each crane, including equipment display, lunch and Q & a session with crane experts

"in Korea, 90% of the products in the crawler crane market have been for more than 10 years, so we see opportunities for new, high-quality and low emission cranes," said Choi Byung Eun, President and CEO of Shinui Petra. (

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