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Current management situation and development trend of China's carton enterprises

current management situation of China's carton enterprises

at this stage, China's carton enterprises from the perspective of enterprise management organization form, due to the influence of the traditional system mode, at present, more are single factory type factory management. In addition, the direction of carton enterprise reform is to establish a modern enterprise system, which is the basic component of the market economic system with the company system as the main body. The company law of the people's Republic of China enacted on December 29th, 1993 is the basic legal basis for China's enterprise reform

in terms of the content of enterprise management, it has changed the situation of traditional carton enterprises' closed door simple production management and waiting for customers to come. According to the requirements of modern company management, it has established the business concept of market first and customer first, changed the past ignoring the market and ignoring sales into attaching great importance to market research and market prediction, and established the enterprise sales network and after-sales service system, Realize the effective combination of production management and marketing. In production management, product quality is regarded as the lifeline and runs through the whole process of enterprise management

China's carton enterprises are implementing comprehensive modern management of production management, marketing management, human resources management, scientific and technological development management, and financial management in accordance with the modern company management system. Nowadays, more and more enterprises pay attention to the "famous brand effect", pay attention to establishing their own corporate image, and establish their famous brand awareness in the fierce market competition. This trend shows that the modern management of carton enterprises is entering a new stage, and is in line with the international advanced modern management, which only affects all aspects and depth of company management

the development trend of carton enterprise management

the development trend of carton enterprise management is facing the challenge of more fierce market competition at home and abroad. Market competition is the competition of strength and enterprise management level. At present, some Chinese enterprises have many problems, such as weak management foundation, chaotic management order, rigid management mechanism, aging organizational structure, closed production activities, serious waste of resources and so on, coupled with poor economies of scale, resulting in low market competitiveness of enterprises. These problems have different forms in carton enterprises and related industries. Therefore, when China's carton enterprise management efforts to integrate with the carton enterprise management of foreign advanced countries, we must pay attention to the following points:

the modern enterprise management level of foreign economically developed countries is the result of decades and even hundreds of years of enterprise management theory and practice development. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, systematic enterprise management theories in foreign countries have experienced the evolution and development of various management theories and schools. In terms of enterprise management practice, in the 1930s, foreign carton enterprises pursued economies of scale, rapidly expanded the scale of enterprises through mass production, assembly line production, mergers and acquisitions, occupied the market with greater economic strength, and reduced business risks. By the 1960s, they basically realized the management mode of scale efficiency first. Subsequently, on the basis of large companies, they paid more attention to reducing costs, abandoned the waste phenomenon of large inventory and slow turnover in assembly line production through just in time production and efficient production, and achieved the advantage of cost reduction and price competition in enterprise management. On the premise of large companies and low costs, we also take product quality as the primary goal of enterprise management, and implement quality control technology and total quality management methods, from compliance quality to applicability quality and then to satisfaction quality, so as to meet the requirements of market competition and users

from the perspective of the development law of modern enterprise management theory and practice, the management of Chinese carton enterprises should also experience a process from low to high, from small to large, from weak to strong. However, the reality of severe market competition does not allow Chinese carton enterprises to spend hundreds of years to reach the modern enterprise management level in stages like foreign enterprises, but to achieve the enterprise management objectives of scale efficiency, cost efficiency, price efficiency and quality efficiency in the shortest possible time. At present, the efficiency gap of some carton enterprises in China is obvious, and even some enterprises are in trouble. Therefore, the development trend of China's printing enterprise management is: Based on the actual situation of Chinese enterprises, while doing a solid job in the basic work of enterprise management, we must speed up the reform of enterprise management, realize the market competitive advantage of scale, cost, price and quality as soon as possible, and China's plastic extruder industry is moving forward towards a healthy and sustainable comprehensive economic benefits

just as the management of Chinese carton enterprises is in line with that of foreign carton enterprises, the management of foreign carton enterprises is developing in a higher direction. With the progress of information technology and the application of computer-aided information system in enterprise management, the development of enterprise management theory is manifested in the rise of information technology engineering and management information system theory, and a comprehensive study of the impact of computer-aided management on enterprise management. Since the late 1980s, the restructuring and roengineering of enterprises have broken through the previous theory of division of enterprise management functions. Instead of carrying out enterprise management according to the original division of management functions, they have reformed enterprise management from the perspective of organizational change. Various new ideas, new concepts and new practices have emerged in Enterprise management to meet the needs of market competition under the conditions of information technology and knowledge economy, Make the worldwide enterprise management theory develop into a new era. The enterprise management benefits since the 1990s, on the basis of maintaining and developing economies of scale, cost benefits, price benefits and product quality benefits, take the best service to customers as the preferred goal of enterprise management. Therefore, enterprises attach importance to the analysis of the impact of technological changes on management, and the analysis of customer demand changes and purchase behavior, so as to achieve the shortest product development time to respond quickly to the market, making the delivery date become the focus of market competition. The continuous innovation of enterprise management, including the development of new markets with high-tech and novel products, the organizational innovation with the adjustment of the internal organizational structure of the enterprise as the main content, and the management innovation with the reorganization of the inside and outside of the enterprise as the key, will be the soul of the cross century modern enterprise management

in the process of solving many problems of scale, cost, price and quality, the management of Chinese carton enterprises is now facing the challenge of more fierce market competition with customers as the center. The reform and opening-up in the late 1970s and early 1980s made the management of traditional carton enterprises break through the old system of being solely responsible to the government and centered on the superior supervisor, and gradually carry out enterprise management towards the market and customers. However, the deep-seated relationship between enterprises and the government has not yet been straightened out. Therefore, the development trend of China's carton enterprise management is that while enterprises seriously and effectively reform their internal management, they must accelerate the pace of external system reform, create a fair, just and open market competition environment for enterprises, and enable all kinds of enterprises to survive and develop in the market competition

the future development of China's carton enterprise management is not only facing the challenge of increasingly fierce market competition centered on customers, continuously enhancing market competitiveness in terms of scale, cost, price, quality, delivery time and after-sales service, but also facing the challenge of information technology and knowledge economy centered on the rapid technological change. Therefore, it is an important task for Chinese carton enterprise management to study the impact of information technology and knowledge economy on enterprise management

under the social conditions of information technology and knowledge economy, the information level of enterprise management is getting higher and higher, and knowledge plays an increasingly important role in enterprise management. When starting an enterprise, the monetary capital and physical capital provided by shareholders are the premise of wealth creation, constitute shareholders' equity, and occupy an absolutely important position. However, when enterprises manage and make profits, wealth creation is no longer simply the investment of shareholders, but the result of the joint investment of shareholders, managers and operators. The amount and speed of enterprise wealth creation, which still needs in-depth research, mostly depends on the joint efforts of these interests. Enterprises are the joint efforts of various interests. Enterprises in the future will increasingly become a community of interests. An enterprise is a contract reached in various interests. Enterprise interests are the common interests of all the interests participating in the signing of this contract. The annual output is nearly 2000 Taiwan interests, and intellectual property rights can also be used as capital investment when starting an enterprise. The higher the degree of informatization of enterprise management, the relative decline in the status of material capital and the relative rise in the status of human capital in enterprise management, which is the inevitable trend of enterprise management development under the conditions of information technology and knowledge economy society

for China's traditional carton enterprise management, it is facing severe new challenges and profound management revolution. The knowledge-based management of carton enterprises requires that the content of enterprise management is not only the management of material capital such as raw materials, equipment and plants, but also pay more attention to the knowledge-based value of products, the role of human capital and the management of knowledge capital; Realize the knowledge coding of enterprises, code the dispersed knowledge inside the enterprise and the relevant knowledge outside the enterprise (including customers, suppliers, dealers, governments, social intermediaries, etc.), reduce the scattering and disappearance of knowledge, promote the accumulation and re creation of knowledge, and realize the knowledge management of enterprises and the knowledge sharing in enterprise management; Carry out the virtual operation of enterprises, and transfer part of the management of machines, plants and workshops in the traditional operation to the outside of the enterprise, so that the enterprise management energy can be focused on the knowledge management with higher value content, from olive management to dumb management, and develop virtual manufacturing technology

problems to be solved in development

in order to win lasting market competitiveness, the reform and development of China's carton enterprise management must focus on solving the following three major problems, both at present and in the long run:

first, the enterprise should have a group of high-quality talents, including all kinds of personnel within the enterprise, who can meet the requirements of the market economy in terms of concept, culture, skills and behavior. In particular, a group of professional entrepreneurs should be formed to advocate entrepreneurship

Second, the construction of enterprise management system is the start of scientific management. We should change disorderly management into orderly management. The slogan of "quality first" is very loud, and dozens of quality management methods have been promoted. However, quality problems are still a persistent problem of some carton enterprises' products, and the key lies in the lack of a strict and effective quality management system. We must establish an enterprise management system that combines responsibility, power and benefit, and combines incentive and restraint mechanisms. Enterprise management system should be combined with the construction of enterprise property right system and enterprise organization system. Clear property right and corporate governance structure are the premise and guarantee of enterprise management, which is the basic requirement of modern enterprise system

third, deal with the relationship between system and people. Scientific systems should be formulated by high-quality people, and scientific systems should also be implemented by people. Therefore, people are important, and people-oriented management should be implemented. Humanistic management not only does not weaken the power of the system, but also emphasizes the role of people under the premise of scientific system. People are temporary and system is

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