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Manufacturing of the second opening rubber oil seal mold

the second opening oil seal mold has good processing technology and convenient mold detection. The upper and lower modules and mold core are made of Cr12 Steel, and the connecting plate is made of 45 steel. In the process of mold processing, in addition to strictly following the mold drawing to ensure the cavity size, the following points are the key to ensure the mold processing accuracy:

processing of glue flow groove. In the past, the anti-interference ability was poor, and the processing quality of the rubber flow groove of the oil seal mold was not paid enough attention. The rubber flow groove was often processed too far away from the mold cavity or the size control was not strict during manufacturing, which made the product difficult to trim and the product unsightly. The second opening oil seal mold has been improved to solve these problems. The inner end size of the triangular glue flow groove is consistent with the outer diameter of the product. The upper and lower modules are used to form a sharp edge here. When the oil seal is molded, the excess flash is cut off, which not only simplifies the trimming process, but also improves the appearance quality of the product. Since the appearance of the glue flow groove and the cavity are located on different modules, the size does not interfere, and its accuracy is easy to ensure

based on the above analysis, the main characteristic of the wear of the drawing die is fixed wear, which also has scratch abrasive wear and a small amount of fatigue wear

material selection and heat treatment methods for a certain type of mold, there may be many kinds of steel that can meet the use requirements from the perspective of matrix performance, but in actual production, the service life, productivity, manufacturing process and cost of molds made of different steel grades are different. Therefore, in the mold design, we must systematically consider the basic performance and production cost of a certain mold steel according to the working conditions and technical requirements of the mold, and make a reasonable choice after comprehensive evaluation

the material properties of drawing dies require more basic properties of die steel, which can be summarized into two categories: mechanical properties and processes, such as high-precision silicone pipe extrusion, customized injection molding parts, and micro tube extrusion. Mechanical properties include strength, wear resistance, toughness, red hardness, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, anti bite, anti adhesion, anti scratch, etc; The process performance includes machinability, grindability, weldability, malleability and heat treatment performance, which can gradually become one of the major pillars of domestic lightweight technology industrial level utilization. These properties are directly related to the alloying mechanism and heat treatment method of the material itself. The required properties of drawing die materials are summarized as follows: good wear resistance; Good anti adhesion; Good heat treatment process performance and vibration test can help your products leap into the ranks of high quality, which is an indispensable tool (hardenability, hardenability, micro deformation, etc.); Certain toughness; Good machinability

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