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Mandatory safety requirements on the construction site

1 engineering safety measures:

1.1 strengthen monitoring and analysis of monitoring data to avoid safety accidents such as landslides. If necessary, take load reduction and other protective measures to ensure the safety of the project itself

1.2 timely handle the insurance of engineering, engineering personnel, third-party personnel and ship machinery equipment, so as to disperse and reduce the risk of possible safety accidents

2 use of electricity and electrical equipment

2.1 all power lines such as maximum force, tensile strength, yield strength, non proportional extension strength, etc. shall be installed by electricians. The power distribution system implements hierarchical distribution, and each level is equipped with knife switch and overload and leakage protection device

2.2 all kinds of electrical equipment adopt one machine and one switch system, and the protective zero line that must be set is laid separately. Electrical equipment that must be grounded for lightning protection must be grounded repeatedly at the same time

2.3 all electrical equipment should be equipped with rain covers to prevent equipment and personnel from being injured by getting wet in rainy days

2.4 the construction electrical equipment shall be used by specially assigned personnel, and it is strictly forbidden for non users to use electrical equipment without authorization

2.5 all electrical equipment operators must be familiar with the relevant operating procedures, operate in strict accordance with the specified procedures, shut down and switch off in time after the completion of the operation, so as to achieve the power failure after the completion of the work

2.6 regularly check the electrical system of distribution lines and equipment, rectify the hidden dangers of power consumption in time, and ensure the safety of power consumption

3 winter construction measures: with the decrease of temperature, the winter construction stage is about to enter. In order to ensure the safe production in winter and reduce the adverse impact on the construction and production safety of the project due to the harsh conditions in winter, the winter construction safety measures should be formulated. All departments of the project management department and the construction work area should strictly follow them to ensure the smooth progress of construction and production

3.1 strengthen leadership and raise awareness: winter construction is a season of various safety accidents due to unfavorable construction conditions and environment. Therefore, the project management department puts the safety of winter construction in an important position. As the leading organization responsible for winter construction safety, the project safety leading group, led by the project security department, with the cooperation of relevant departments, will increase the publicity of winter construction safety production knowledge, so that the winter construction safety production knowledge will be horizontal to the edge and vertical to the end; Formulate relevant institutional measures and strengthen inspection. Our project is water work and high-altitude work for bridge construction. There are many working faces. We should regularly and irregularly check the implementation of winter construction safety measures of the management department

3.2 measures in place, prevention first: formulate corresponding measures for potential safety hazards in winter construction

3.2.1 safety of construction personnel to prevent frostbite, wear corresponding warm clothes during construction; Corresponding safety protection articles must be worn for work at heights to prevent gas poisoning, coal fire heating must be checked by the security department before use

3.2.2 construction safety warning signs, signals, guard posts, command stations and other facilities to defend the dangerous area should be set up on the site; Anti flow ice during mechanical excavation, measures should be taken to pay attention to anti-skid in the process of travel and movement. Drive slowly on slopes and ice and snow roads, do not shift gears when going uphill, do not slide in neutral gear when going downhill, and do not brake hard when driving on ice and snow roads. The parts of the engine should be protected against freezing to prevent the water tank from cracking. When using and moving machinery near the slope, pay attention to the load that the slope can bear to prevent the slope from collapsing during steam curing of structures, operators shall be prevented from being scalded by pipes and overflowing steam and hot water as it is windy, dry and prone to fire in winter, the following matters should be paid attention to:

① combustibles should not be stacked around the construction site

② the main functions of the tensile testing machine required by special personnel are naturally different at the construction site, so that when there is a fire, there will be people, and they cannot leave the post.

③ prepare some sand or other fire-fighting materials on site for standby

④ anti skid measures shall be taken for scaffolds and packways. The snow shall be removed in time in the early stage of heating. The external scaffolds shall be regularly inspected and reinforced

⑤ when using coal fires indoors, ventilation conditions should be provided to prevent gas poisoning

3.4 construction fire safety: the climate in winter is dry and windy, which is very easy to cause accidents such as fire and explosion. Therefore, the project management department, from leaders to employees, should pay attention to fire and explosion prevention, focusing on prevention and combining prevention with elimination

3.5 actively publicize, rectify and improve: publicize the safety knowledge of winter construction in various forms, implement the safety measures of winter construction, and make the workers operate in accordance with the corresponding safety regulations during the construction and production process. With the project security department as the main body, the implementation of safety measures for winter construction shall be checked regularly and irregularly, and the work areas and individuals who fail to implement the measures shall be punished, rectification opinions shall be put forward and implementation shall be supervised. Summarize the safety situation of early winter construction at the monthly work coordination meeting

4 construction measures in rainy season

4.1 do a good job in moisture-proof and anti soaking of materials. Prepare enough film and colored strip cloth

4.2 at ordinary times, the ground elevation of warehouses and dormitories should be measured, as well as the rising water level that may be caused by rainstorm or humidity. Timely transfer or pad up should be taken to ensure the safety of materials, documents and materials without damage

4.3 stop outdoor welding in rainy days and pay attention to the safety of electricity

4.4 pay attention to the situation of the construction site to prevent landslides and falling accidents. Use danger signs and warning signs for dangerous sections, and send personnel to deal with serious cases

4.5 provide sufficient rain proof materials to prevent concrete from being drenched during construction

4.6 strengthen the maintenance of site drainage facilities to ensure smooth drainage

5 fire prevention

5.1 check the fire-fighting facilities frequently, equip sufficient fire-fighting equipment as required, and check regularly to ensure their effectiveness. Sufficient fire fighting passages shall be reserved on the construction site

5.2 set eye-catching signs such as no fireworks and fire-fighting equipment around the flammable construction site, and prohibit the fire-fighting equipment from being used for other purposes

5.3 when the construction requires open fire operation, it must be watched by someone to make sure that people get out of the fire

5.4 during electric welding and gas welding, the surrounding inflammables and explosives should be removed, or covered and isolated. After the work, cut off the power supply of the welding machine, check the operation place, and leave after confirming that there is no fire danger

5.5 it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts and kindling at the construction site

6 theft prevention

6.1 set up guard and patrol personnel, implement the duty system, and take turns on duty 24 hours a day. When conditions permit, the land area of the construction site shall be subject to closed management

6.2 all kinds of precision and valuable instruments, documents and archives shall be kept by special personnel

6.3 irrelevant personnel of the project are prohibited from entering the construction site to prevent damage and loss of items

6.4 protect various measurement control signs

6.5 strengthen contact with local police stations

7heatstroke prevention and pre-treatment industry development are facing some urgent problems to be solved. Prevent infectious diseases

7.1 reasonably arrange working hours, and try to avoid high temperature at noon for outdoor work

7.2 heatstroke prevention and cooling measures shall be taken for outdoor construction operations, and sufficient cool tea supply shall be maintained on site

7.3 strictly control the food procurement channels to prevent the purchase of toxic or unsanitary food

7.4 strengthen the management of kitchen hygiene and staff

7.5 regularly conduct physical examination of kitchen staff, and transfer the staff with infectious diseases from their kitchen jobs

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