Manitowak delivers grove gmk40 to the U.S. Army

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Manitowak's mechanical properties are more important than other physical properties. Deliver the grove gmk4060hc crane to the U.S. Army

[exclusive compilation of Chinese road machinery] the latest grove all terrain crane specially equipped for the military is starting from Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, to carry out missions to the U.S. Army around the world

grove gmk4060hc (HC of heavy crane) is specially designed for military use, and its function enables it to adapt to various terrains and activities. These cranes are part of manitowak's $192million contract awarded in 2015

Daryl Merlot, the government marketing director of manitowac, said: these cranes have a wide range of uses. The zigzag strength tester of ceramic materials has extensive working conditions, which can enable the army to implement the lifts required for various applications

the 60 ton, four axle crane equipped with megaform jib is designed to meet the needs of the U.S. Army, including the ability to submerge 48 inches of water. Manitowak began to deliver the terrain crane with low operating rate of the grove gmk4060 HC whole mine concentrator to the army and operated in August 2016 under adverse conditions. The crane will also be coated with a chemical reagent resistant coating (CARC) to withstand severe nuclear and chemical attack, which means that the coating will not deteriorate under the same conditions as typical coatings

the military also requires cranes to accommodate armored vehicle rooms. In addition, the crane is also equipped with lighting equipment of military specifications, which allows the crane to work in the case of power failure when night vision technology is used

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