Manitone held a demonstration of cross-country mul

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Manitone held a demonstration of off-road multifunctional telescopic boom fork loading

manitone held a demonstration of off-road multifunctional telescopic boom fork loading

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with the development of China's economy and the rise of labor costs, the construction field has higher and higher requirements for the diversification, intelligence and informatization of construction machinery and tools. In order to comply with this trend, manitone China and its Beijing agents jointly hosted a "cross-country multifunctional telescopic boom forklift demonstration" in the capital Beijing on April 25, 2015, The conference invited many construction units in Beijing, such as CSCEC railway, CSCEC transportation, China gold, China shield construction, Beijing Construction Engineering, Beijing zhuzongcheng, the world's first TPI industrial device, and Wang Hongtao, general manager of manitone China, attended the conference and made a keynote speech

at the meeting, manitone North China modern airliner such as Airbus A350XWB adopted a large number of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials. Li zhongbing, manager of the area, introduced the wide application of manitone telescopic boom fork loading various construction machines and tools in Western European and American developed countries, and hoped to take the opportunity to introduce this advanced construction equipment into China, so as to fundamentally change the backward construction technology of domestic construction industry relying on human sea tactics

manitone mobilized a rotary telescopic boom fork to load mrt-x1840 for on-site demonstration. The maximum lifting height of this equipment is 18 meters, the maximum operating height is 20 meters, and the maximum load can reach 4000kg. At the same time, it is equipped with a variety of accessories: fork, boom (single and double hook), winch, bucket, arch manipulator, aerial work platform. The same equipment can complete handling, hoisting, shovel transportation, aerial work Different operation requirements such as tunnel arch installation

through the observation of on-site equipment, the participants mainly used for metal materials. Guests said that the diversification of operation functions is a new technical feature of construction machinery and equipment in recent years, and it will also be a trend of the development of construction machinery manufacturing in the future. The emergence of telescopic boom fork loading happens to be at such a historical transformation node. The loading of telescopic boom forks into China will greatly change the traditional construction methods, reduce the labor cost on the construction site, and improve the work efficiency of the construction face, which will make great achievements in the Chinese market

pinned on its deep expectation of China's huge market, manitone will also carry out various forms of product demonstration activities across the country this year. It is believed that these activities will lay the leading position of manitone in the Chinese market in the future and sound the prelude to manitone's historic transformation across the vast Gobi of the market

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