Paint construction will be prohibited in public pl

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Paint construction will be banned during business hours in public places in Guangxi

paint construction will be banned during business hours in public places in Guangxi

September 25, 2012

[China paint information] the measures of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for the implementation of the fire protection law of the people's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") have been reviewed and approved a few days ago and will be implemented from December 1. It is understood that the new measures to be implemented soon have made detailed provisions on fire prevention and how to conduct supervision and inspection, and pay more attention to prevention than the original fire control regulations of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

the property has to perform three fire-fighting tasks

during the visit, we learned that at present, most of the new residential areas will basically be equipped with complete safety and fire-fighting facilities. However, in some old residential areas, some buildings are not equipped with even the most basic fire extinguishers. Although some are equipped with fire extinguishers according to the regulations, the outer layer has been covered with dust. A closer look shows that the expiration date has expired. Once a fire occurs in a certain household, it is often easy to cause more disasters due to the failure to extinguish the fire in time

in the face of this situation, the property can not sit idly by. In terms of fire prevention, the measures stipulates that property service enterprises or other managers should perform the following three fire safety duties in the service and management areas: first, ensure the smooth flow of public evacuation routes, emergency exits and fire truck passages; Second, be responsible for managing, maintaining and maintaining common fire-fighting facilities and equipment; Third, formulate fire-fighting and emergency evacuation plans, and regularly organize relevant personnel to participate in fire safety training and fire drills

if the property service enterprise or other managers violate the first two acts of the above provisions, and fail to stop and report these two acts in time, the Fire Department of the public security organ at or above the county level shall order them to make corrections and impose a fine of not less than 1000 yuan but not more than 5000 yuan; If the circumstances are serious, a fine of not less than 5000 yuan but not more than 20000 yuan shall be imposed

employees have passed the fire training before the restaurant opens.

public places are crowded places. Once a fire is not handled in time, it is often easy to cause a big fire. Therefore, the staff in these public gathering places should not be sloppy in their requirements for fire protection knowledge. The measures stipulates that public gathering places should apply to the local public security organ for fire safety inspection before they are put into use or open for business

public gathering places should fill in the fire safety inspection application form and submit the following materials when applying for fire safety inspection as an important part of oil pan as auto parts: business license or enterprise name pre-approval notice issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce; Filing documents for fire control acceptance or completion acceptance of construction projects; Site fire safety system, fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan; Fire safety education and training records of employees before work, and professional qualification certificates of automatic fire protection system operators; And other materials that should be declared according to law

it is noted that the "measures" has one more provision for application materials than the original "fire control regulations of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region": fire safety education and training records of employees before taking up their posts, and professional qualification certificates of automatic fire control system operators. This means that every employee in public places is a firefighter

electric welding construction is not allowed in public places during business.

billboard replacement, facade decoration... A series of construction operations inevitably require the use of fire dangerous tools such as composite welding machines that are not coated with inorganic impurities on both sides. Once the operation is not standardized or illegal, it is very easy to cause accidents. In order to prevent the occurrence of such accidents, the measures stipulates that: electric welding, gas welding, current gas cutting, grinding wheel cutting, paint and other construction and maintenance operations with fire hazards shall not be carried out in public gathering places during business hours; It is forbidden to stack articles under the normally closed fire door in the open state and the fire shutter; It is forbidden to lock the emergency exit or block the evacuation passage during business hours

in addition to the time regulations for working in public places, the measures also mentioned that seven categories of personnel should receive fire safety training. Compared with the requirements of the original implementation of the fire prevention regulations of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, for the first time, "personnel engaged in electric welding, gas welding and other fire hazard operations" were included in the training scope

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