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In the throes of big data reform, how can led packaging achieve the subversion of business forms

back to the beginning of this year, coal, iron ore and other major raw materials took the lead in raising prices, and gradually spread to the industrial sector a few months later. In November, the rising tide of raw material prices not only did not decline, but also rose steadily. The rising tide affected steel, copper, aluminum, plastics and other fields, impacting the entire LED industry

it can be predicted that a price rise tide has arrived. Due to the rising price of raw materials, the upstream and downstream profits of the LED industry have been affected and prices have been raised. However, judging from the continuous price war of LED in the past, what the whole industry lacks seems to be a collective price rise in a rush

of course, from the perspective of enterprise operation, price increase is the means to maintain its survival, and the pressure of cost threatens the survival of enterprises, but the operation cost of led enterprises is not all raw materials, but also includes comprehensive factors such as personnel cost, material waste, inventory and so on. From another perspective, this wave of price rise also reflects the management cost and production cost control competitiveness of led enterprises

as an LED packaging enterprise, how to realize the core competitiveness of overturning management costs when the price rise tide comes

how does the falling bin rate reduce costs when the rising price tide strikes

since the cost of raw materials is high, what can led enterprises do in addition to raising prices if they want to ensure profits? In manufacturing enterprises, we all know that the enterprise's profit = selling price cost. The selling price is determined by the market (customer negotiation), and the cost is determined by the enterprise's management ability. Therefore, before answering this question, we might as well look at the composition of our main business costs, which covers three parts: direct and indirect labor, manufacturing costs, and direct materials. So, for LED packaging enterprises, how to find the profit of enterprises from the breakthrough of people, technology and materials

previously, in the throes of the big data revolution of target computers, how can led packaging achieve the subversion of business forms In the first two articles of, it has been mentioned that the intelligent management cost to solve the current problem of manual dispensing of packaging can bring great benefits to enterprises, but there is no data analysis of its impact

in fact, in the first article, we mentioned the problem of the bin dropping rate of the machine continuously, but the expression was not specific enough, which led many people to see the data of 99.8%. In fact, these two kinds are like twins. On the surface, there is little difference. The bin dropping rate is 99.8%, but the difference is very big, It is mainly reflected in the fact that the task of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the process of the main plastic granulator is particularly urgent. The bin rate of the color zone (jointly built by domestic civil aircraft material research and development units, design units, inspection and testing units, universities, enterprises, government departments and other institutions with independent legal person qualifications, that is, customer needs) is different, and the bin rate of the machine will be 2%-6% higher than that of labor

in the future, customers will have more and more detailed requirements for the parameters of the lamp beads, and the improvement of the concentration of the falling bin rate can accurately meet the product needs of customers, reduce the sluggish inventory risk of the packaging factory, and significantly improve the inventory turnover rate, so as to improve the profitability of the LED packaging factory

and this is reflected in the actual production. When the quantity of orders is larger, the advantages and disadvantages will be amplified by orders of magnitude. At present, the concentration and scale of LED packaging are higher and higher, and the disadvantages of manual operation are gradually amplified. The following takes the order of LED devices in a main color area of 100kkpcs as an example

1. The bin rate of the main color area is increased by 3.5% - so that enterprises can more accurately serve the needs of customers. The quality and efficiency have been greatly improved. On the one hand, external profits have been obtained, because demand = sales = enterprise profits; On the other hand, the production capacity of each batch can be increased by 3.5%, which is equivalent to the improvement of our manufacturing process, and finally fed back to our cost structure

2. The input of raw materials is reduced by 5.7kk--- so that enterprises can make the best use of everything, and the saving of raw materials = cost reduction

3 The inventory of edge color blocks is reduced by 3.5% -- the reduction of edge color blocks in each batch of statements, whether from warehouse management or inventory handling, can reduce the management cost brought by inventory and improve the operational value of labor

to sum up, the intelligent rubber powder of target machine can enable enterprises to obtain cost advantages from the three links of people, technology and materials, which will create new opportunities for enterprises to overtake in this price rise tide

ignoring the "Butterfly Effect" caused by knowledge wealth, how to optimize the hidden cost

with the rapid development of high technology and the trinity of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, if enterprises still blindly maintain the traditional business model, it is equivalent to using candles in the era of the invention of electric lights, taking their weak candlelight and giving up fluorescent lights as bright as day. In that case, the fate of enterprises waiting for only "extinction"

if the enterprise keeps pace with the times and upgrades and transforms in a timely manner at this time, the life will be much better. With the target machine seizing the market of large-scale well-known enterprises, the general manager of the target company, the young entrepreneur, confidently told us: "the introduction of the target matching machine is equivalent to opening the door to the intelligent transformation of the LED packaging industry."

why do you say so? Because the details of the traditional LED packaging production process are complex, and all kinds of small links are messy, the details and hidden costs cannot be simplified at all, resulting in the invisible loss of a large part of the profits of many enterprises. However, the introduction of target machine has helped enterprises simplify into complexity, integrate many originally artificial small links into intelligence, and digitize the details of profits. This value can be seen from the following two aspects

1. Value of data. With the help of the real-time database of the built-in software of the target machine, enterprises can deeply analyze, mine and process the formula information of enterprises, and summarize their own formula rules. In this way, the enterprise can formulate a reasonable production schedule and material procurement according to the conclusion, so as to reduce the waste of production capacity and the increase of inventory required to meet the customer's shipment quantity in different ways, and realize the optimal control of production costs. At the same time, if you want to go further, you can bring the target machine into the current management system of the enterprise, and there is great potential to realize the navigation production mode through the material supplement and production arrangement triggered by the demand. This is the "just in time" idea of Toyota production mode, that is, "get the required items at the time of need, according to the required quantity"

2. The wisdom of data. In addition to the control of production costs, enterprises also have the control of hidden costs. If the hidden cost is not well controlled, it will cause the butterfly effect. In terms of this price increase, the chip is the most valuable part of the lamp beads, which can be said to control the cost of the enterprise, but for the packaging enterprise, the material comes from the market, which is the external environment and uncontrollable. However, the light result of the device is produced by the proportion of rubber powder, which is the core value of the enterprise. Its proportion comes from the knowledge of the internal personnel of the enterprise. Because of the limitations of the manual distribution of rubber powder, the control of this area has become a blind area of the enterprise. The enterprise has caused considerable difficulties and brought huge losses or even bankruptcy to the enterprise because of the leakage of formula and personnel loss. Therefore, after the introduction of target machine, how to give human wisdom to the R & D platform and build a system platform for the R & D end of LED packaging industry has become a feasible solution

therefore, based on the value of data and the attribute of data intelligence, the construction of enterprise informatization will determine the position of the future development of enterprises to some extent. Whoever grasps the height of informatization will have the core competitiveness of Intelligent Manufacturing in the future. This is why it will overturn the traditional mode of LED packaging

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