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In the era of homogenization and meager profits, paint enterprises need to make characteristics

2011 is a year that makes many paint enterprises feel headache. The market tends to be saturated, the homogenization is serious, and the brand competition is fierce. Coupled with the raw materials and labor costs, feixiaobian and everyone come together to appreciate a polymer used more in the Paek family: polyether ether ketone (PEEK) in the field of 3D printing utilization, material suppliers and 3D printing equipment, the profit space is getting smaller and smaller, and the business is naturally becoming more and more difficult. Some people think that China's paint market has become saturated, which is certainly not the case

in fact, since the reform and opening up, the situation of China's consumer market has undergone fundamental changes. In 1960, developed countries began to implement the compulsory installation and use of car seat belts. Under the planned economy, the seller's market fell, the buyer's market with thousands of products jumped out, and so did the coating industry. Whether in the paint industry or in other industries, "buyers" are always a dynamic process. Not only new "buyers" will emerge, but also old "buyers" will change with time. Therefore, this determines that the market will never be saturated

the author has a different understanding of what we often call "market saturation": "the market will not be really saturated, what will be really saturated is the product." What is the market? The market is the demand of consumers, and consumers are hierarchical. Even consumers at the same level are divided by vision, taste and concept. In terms of architectural coatings, it can be divided into children's coatings according to different groups; In the field of furniture coatings, it can be further subdivided into wood door coatings since this year. And with the passage of time, vision, taste and concept are constantly changing. Although paint products do not have as many patterns as general FMCG products, paint enterprises must work hard on characteristics if they want to seize the market for a long time

at present, the quantity of various coating products in China is abundant, but the characteristics are insufficient. In the field of architectural coatings alone, there are no less than thousands of brands in China. Many paint products only have commonalities, but rarely have individuality. Many coating enterprises only seek popularization, ignore personalization, only look at the "general sample" of the market, and do not go deep into the fine points of the market. This leads to a bipolar situation in which consumers call "lack" and "less" and producers say "full" and "more"

to solve this problem, the most important thing for coating enterprises is to build characteristic brands. Only by making a characteristic brand, the market will not be saturated, can we win the target object, can we achieve social and economic benefits, can we maintain the sustainable, stable and healthy development of coating enterprises, and can we make coating enterprises stand among domestic and foreign brands and show their highlights and brilliance. Obviously, the "one thousand people" in the product is not a feature, "I have people" is not a feature, but only "different" is a feature, "I have no people" is a feature. The success of Guangdong Huilong paint in the field of wood door paint has become a successful example of the characteristic brand route of paint enterprises. Huilong paint in the early stage also adopted the strategy of "all-round" development. In 2003, it successfully repositioned and took the characteristic route, achieving the status of the first brand of Huilong wood door paint

characteristic brands must be high-quality brands. Brands with rough manufacturing, raw materials accumulation, no technical content, and no cultural taste can not be compared with characteristic brands, and even go from south to north. It is not easy for a brand to make its own characteristics. Without the diligent pursuit of technology and enthusiasm for innovation, it can only have empty wishes and difficult to achieve real results. For shaping characteristic brands, the author can start from three aspects:

first, establish a clear positioning and shape the advantages of brand characteristics and expertise

coating enterprises must understand the brand development objectives, brand positioning, brand core value chain, brand appeal, brand image, brand selling points and consumer positioning, so as to ensure that the overall performance of equipment is better protected, so as to form a systematic solution, Only then can we have a definite aim, embark on a road that truly conforms to our own characteristics, and form a unique "characteristic brand" competitiveness

secondly, the talent reserve of the enterprise team

if the brand wants to develop healthily and in the long run, it must have a more professional and cohesive team. No matter when the quality of products is the basis for the survival of enterprises, the guarantee of quality cannot be separated from talents. The improvement of paint enterprise management level and the construction of enterprise culture are inseparable from talents

third, brand integrated communication

after doing a good job in brand building and product services, coating enterprises will focus on communication to strengthen brand market awareness and reputation. Of course, the brand communication here should "suit measures to local conditions", and there is no need to "bombard indiscriminately". You can choose the channel of brand publicity according to your audience. To achieve the most economical and best brand publicity effect

paint enterprises should not be afraid of sacrifice if they want to become characteristic brands. In the initial stage of changing the original development route, pain is basically inevitable. The short-term decline in sales doesn't matter. The sacrifice now is to prepare for a larger market in the future. To be a characteristic brand, we should take the lead in concept and be in the forefront of industry development, so as to have an insight into the opportunities and grasp the opportunities. It may be possible to survive in the paint industry without taking the characteristic road, but it will be very tired, and it is impossible not to grow and grow in the competitive environment of numerous strong companies

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