Paint companies such as Zhihuo Xuanwei were fined

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Xuanwei and other paint companies were fined $1.1 billion to remove lead-containing paint

Xuanwei and other paint companies were fined $1.1 billion to remove, so that users and relevant industry personnel have many questions and misunderstandings about the understanding of aluminum alloy cable technology and products

December 20, 2013

[China paint information] according to foreign media reports, Several paint companies, including Sherwin Williams, were sentenced on Monday to pay $1.1 billion to 10 counties and cities in California to remove lead paint from millions of old houses

the 10 counties and cities awarded compensation include Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Los Angeles County, Monterey County (except titanium dioxide), San Mateo County, Solano county and Ventura County, as well as Oakland City, San Diego City and San Francisco city

James Kleinberg, a judge of the Santa Clara County High Court in California, made this ruling on Monday, holding that Xuanwei (nyse:shw), ConAgra foods (CAG) and NL industries I can bend more than 200000 times NC to market coatings they know are harmful to children, and should be responsible for this. DuPont (62.19, 1.01, 1. can also test the length by force of 65%) (DD) and Atlantic Richfield Co were ruled not to bear

although the coating industry faces similar lawsuits across the United States, they have been the winners in most cases so far

kleenberg's ruling was made after five weeks of trial without a jury, and the paint company had 15 days to oppose this interim ruling

the United States has banned the sale of lead containing paint since 1978, but millions of houses built before that still pose health risks

scientific research results show that lead exposure to paint and other lead containing substances in infancy may cause intellectual impairment or other health problems, and may be an important inducement for many people to suffer from Alzheimer's disease later

in October this year, the World Health Organization identified lead-containing paint as the "main trigger point" for lead poisoning in children and called for avoiding the use of lead-containing paint

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