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Li Yong of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. won the title of the sixth top ten youth post technology star of coal chemical group

Li Yong of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. won the title of the sixth top ten youth post technology star of coal chemical group

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on the evening of May 26, the 2017 outstanding youth commendation meeting of Shaanxi coal group was held in the cultural and sports center of Huangling mining company. The meeting aims to commemorate and carry forward the spirit of the May 4th Movement and commend outstanding youth of Shaanxi coal, Jointly witness the pace of youth growth and gather positive energy for enterprise reform and development. Li Yong, member of the numerical control class of the machining workshop of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Secretary of the League branch of the workshop, won the title of the sixth top ten young post technical star of the coal chemical group

Shaanxi construction machinery Li Yong won the title of the sixth top ten young post technical star of coal chemical group

after Li Yong joined the work, he required himself to be an excellent Party member, insisted on learning from the advanced, studied technology, often worked overtime, and inspired the comrades around him with his practical actions. In his work, he leaves convenience to others and difficulties to himself, and never cares about personal gains and losses. He is serious and persistent, loves his job and is dedicated to his work. He puts the interests of the enterprise in the first place and always plays an exemplary role everywhere

as the backbone of the CNC class, Comrade Li Yong insisted on carrying forward the spirit of being brave and good at being responsible, competing with the team members and the body, racing against time, improving quality, practicing will, comparing skills and dedication, withstood many difficult tests, and his work performance was always satisfactory

study hard, practice technology hard, teach by example, and do a good job of mentoring

since entering the machining center, Li Yong has humbly sought advice from all experienced masters, studied hard, and constantly accumulated NC operation knowledge. He studied hard and paid attention to practice, so that he quickly grew into an expert in machining center operation. After having a certain technical level, he took up his apprentice and actively did a good job in passing, helping and leading. A series of processes, such as the arrangement of processing technology, the preparation of operating procedures, and the production of tooling and fixtures, are carefully taught through words and deeds, so that the disciples can quickly master the core of NC processing. Therefore, the static friction between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston has changed into the dynamic friction technology. Now they can operate the equipment independently and grow into a rising force in workshop production

give full play to the exemplary role of Party members and complete the production tasks of the workshop

Li Yong actively gives full play to the exemplary role of Party members and participates in the construction of the team itself. His team has formulated practical team assessment rules, including: product quality assurance, rewards and punishments; Shift handover system; Team equipment maintenance and environmental sanitation system, etc. He strictly implemented the detailed rules, which affected and mobilized the production enthusiasm of his colleagues around, effectively ensured the smooth completion of production tasks, and made the team construction quickly embark on a positive and orderly development road

if the system is the hardware of implementing management, then personnel is the software of management and the carrier of implementing management. There are many young employees in the numerical control class. They have higher academic qualifications and high quality. Under the leadership of the workshop, they are more than learning than technology. They have formed a positive and positive benign competition. They are always anxious for production and put the gains and losses of the workshop family above everything else. When the production task node is imminent, Li Yong unites his team members to compete with time for tasks, and takes the initiative to give up holiday breaks. How many times did he cool his children's enthusiasm and nostalgia; How many times, these excellent performances have made it potentially useful in various fields. He has no time to accompany his family on weekends and still stays in front of the machine tool operation panel, but he has no regrets and writes a magnificent chapter of youth with his industrious hands

Li Yong deeply understands the importance of quality work. He often says that in such cruel market competition, no product quality is equivalent to no life for an enterprise. It will be a great shame for me if the unqualified products flow from my hands to the next process. Therefore, he is meticulous about the processing of every workpiece, carefully measured, and never let go of a quality problem

Li Yong of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. won the title of the sixth top ten young post technical star of coal chemical group

during the trial production of uy01 paver, the numerical control team undertook the processing task of adjusting the support. This workpiece is a steel casting, and all processing dimensions are strictly required, especially the inner hole, with a tolerance of less than two wires. Processing according to the convention can meet the tolerance requirements, but because the steel casting is in the processing process, due to uneven heat dissipation, The hole will become elliptical. In order to improve the products, Li Yong, with his super skills, revised the processing procedure again, put the fine boring procedure after all the processing procedures, and solved the ellipse phenomenon. In this way, although the processing process is troublesome, the processing quality is improved

the hole processing of many parts requires boring. In order to meet the requirements of coaxiality, in addition to ensuring the accuracy of the equipment, he also came up with various ways to solve the problem of detection, designed through shaft measurement, and checked the boring table. For example, the outer tube of the milling machine column has a hole diameter of 240mm and a length of 1200mm, and the boring accuracy of one end cannot be guaranteed. After his careful speculation, he thought that in the machining of the keyway of the milling machine column, because the column is too long, There are always problems in the grinding of the previous process. He summarizes and reports the existing problems, and formulates the corresponding processing plan according to these problems, which can fully meet the accuracy requirements of parts after processing. Later, this processing method has been applied to cleaner production

he actively participated in the production process of Q01 tower crane, especially the processing of Q ear plate, Q ear plate and Q hook frame. According to the process, it can only be processed on the vertical machine tool, and it also needs to be clamped twice. In order to avoid clamping errors, Jinan is the gathering place of the testing machine industry. He designed his own bending tooling, which can ensure both geometric and positional tolerances, and can be completed in one clamping, And now it can be used in both vertical and horizontal machine tools, which reduces the work intensity and improves the production efficiency

in the face of honor, Comrade Li Yong is not proud. He believes that to achieve himself is to achieve the enterprise. He adheres to the enterprise spirit of perseverance and creating excellence, constantly improves himself in the development of the enterprise, uses the development platform provided by the enterprise to improve in all aspects, and provides more youth, wisdom and strength for the development of the enterprise at the same time

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