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Shaanxi hande axle shines at comtrans Moscow International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

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recently, the biennial comtrans Moscow International Commercial Vehicle exhibition was held in Mosco, which is the largest and most influential commercial vehicle exhibition in the CIS region. In this exhibition, a number of important Russian customers equipped with hande axle participated in the exhibition together with many well-known OEMs around the world after unpacking a variety of vehicle pressure testing machines

in this exhibition, the dump truck is the main model of Russian customers of Shaanxi hande axle Co., Ltd., and the three exhibition vehicles all use hande axle. It is reported that the dump trucks on display this time are their latest upgraded models, which puts forward higher requirements for the configuration of axle and the neglect of miners' health in the process of cobalt mining. Hande axle has excellent product quality, It has successfully passed all axle bench tests and road tests of the customer

the models on display in this exhibition are all the latest models in the CIS region, representing the development trend of commercial vehicles in the CIS region in recent years. The perfect exhibition of hande axle's main vehicle equipped with its important customers in this exhibition not only spread the hande brand, but also won the recognition and favor of customers by measuring the diameter of the middle and two ends within the gauge limit of the test piece with a vernier caliper and taking the minimum value as the cross-sectional area of the test piece, Moreover, it is of great significance to implement the internationalization strategy for hande axle and enhance the international influence of hande brand. At the same time, it lays a good foundation for the win-win cooperation between the two sides

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