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Shaanxi enterprises catch the "express" of intelligent manufacturing, and the manufacturing industry will usher in a new era

in recent years, intelligent production in the industrial field of Shaanxi Province has risen rapidly, and more and more enterprises catch the "express" of intelligent manufacturing

according to the Department of industry and information technology of Shaanxi Province, at present, Shaanxi Province has 30 national intelligent manufacturing special projects and pilot demonstration enterprises, 20 provincial intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises, the proportion of intelligent production lines of large enterprises such as fast group, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Shaanxi drum group, Xi'an BYD Company has increased rapidly, and intelligent robots have begun to show their talents in industrial production

at the same time, Shaanxi Province has also developed rapidly in the field of manufacturing equipment for producers of intelligent raw (3) food related products, especially in the field of intelligent robots. Shaanxi Province has about 60 robot machines, parts and integrated application enterprises. Among them, there are nearly 20 enterprises involved in the R & D and manufacturing of industrial robots. The intelligent production equipment developed and produced by Xi'an Aerospace Precision Electromechanical Research Institute, Qinchuan machine tool group, Shaanxi Jiuli Robot Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other units is increasingly valued in the market

Mijirong, director of the industrial planning department of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, told that intelligent manufacturing is a new production mode that is deeply integrated with the new generation of information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing technology, and runs through all manufacturing activities such as design, production, management and service, so the jaw should be cleaned frequently. The development of intelligent manufacturing involves two aspects: application and production. Application refers to the intelligent construction and transformation of enterprise production lines. Production refers to the development and production of intelligent production equipment such as robots for the manufacturing industry. At present, enterprises in our province have made considerable progress in these two aspects

on March 2, I entered the fast group. On the gearbox two axis production line in the third workshop of the gear unit, I saw an industrial robot "walking" between six CNC machine tools in an orderly manner, and its manipulator flexibly rotated up and down, completing six processes like a cloud and water. One robot can replace three workers. The robot is controlled by computer program, and it will not happen from small bumps to industrial accidents, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the cost

shaoshujun, deputy director of Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of fast group, told that industrial robots and intelligent production lines are the general trend of future development. In order to keep up with this trend, fast group has carried out large-scale intelligent transformation of production lines since 2013. The group has introduced more than 40 robots, including Shanghai FANUC robot, Guangzhou CNC robot, Sweden ABB Robot and Germany KUKA robot, with prices ranging from more than 200000 yuan to more than 1 million yuan

on January 29 this year, fast group set up an Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute. Shaoshujun said that to build an intelligent production line, it is not just the introduction of robots, but how to make industrial robots work more efficiently and intelligently in combination with the actual production of enterprises. This is the main direction of the newly established research institute. At present, the total cost of industrial robots is reduced to 1936 yuan per ton, and the working mode is constantly moving towards high speed and high precision, producing more and more complex parts. At the same time, industrial robots not only meet the work of a single machine, but also realize the complex process cooperation between robots. All of this requires continuous transformation and upgrading of intelligent production lines

now, in the automatic production line of fast robot, the original front-line operator has been transformed into a technician, responsible for replacing machine tools and equipment maintenance. The labor intensity of workers has been reduced by 50%, the product processing efficiency has been increased by more than 10%, and green production and smart factory have begun to take shape. In the next step, fast group will introduce more and more robots. It is estimated that the production line can accommodate up to 700 to 800 robots

Xi'an BYD Company, which is not far away from fast group, has also introduced intelligent production lines in recent years. With the expansion of the company's passenger car industry and the improvement of production capacity, the intelligent level of the four processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly of the company's passenger cars has been rapidly improved. In particular, industrial robots are used in 98% of the processes on the welding and coating production lines

in addition to the automotive industry, Shaanxi's manufacturing enterprises in the aerospace industry, power equipment, rail transit and other fields are also actively implementing the transformation of intelligent production lines, and Shaanxi's manufacturing industry will usher in a new era

2 smart devices enter the international market

at present, the popularity of smart production lines makes smart production devices show a huge market demand. Shaanxi Province has a good foundation for industrial robot machine and key core components industry. In the fields of complete industrial robots, precision reducers, control systems, etc., it has advantageous enterprises such as Xi'an Aerospace Precision Electromechanical Research Institute, Qinchuan machine tool group, Xi'an Micro Motor Research Institute, etc

Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. plays a decisive role in the development and production of industrial robots in our province. Relying on technological innovation, the company developed and produced joint reducers for industrial robots, breaking the monopoly of Japanese companies on the market

the cost of joint reducer of industrial robot accounts for 25% to 30% of the total cost of robot, and the machining accuracy of its parts is very high. In 2015, a famous Korean enterprise was looking for enterprises that can provide supporting robot joint reducers around the world. Korean enterprises preliminarily selected four enterprises (including Qinchuan group and Japanese enterprises) to conduct a strict comprehensive investigation in terms of R & D capability and product performance, and required to conduct life test and reliability comparison test at the designated site. Finally, Qinchuan group won the favor and trust of Korean enterprises with its solid technical strength, and became one of its few global suppliers. Now, the first batch of products have been sent to Korean enterprises and put into use

in 2016, Qinchuan group won the right to formulate standards for the national robot joint reducer group, and its products were widely recognized in the market, highlighting the leading position of Qinchuan group in the robot joint reducer industry

Xi'an Aerospace Precision Electromechanical Research Institute is an important unit in the development and production of robots in Shaanxi Province. The Institute has developed 38 kinds of rectangular coordinate robot products in several series. Industrial robot products have applied for 5 invention patents and 17 utility model patents, and have obtained 14 authorized patents from the national patent office and 2 software copyrights. Products are widely used in home appliances, rubber and plastic, electric power, automobile and parts manufacturing and other industries. The six degree of freedom robots developed and produced by the robotics division of the Institute achieved mass production in 2017, with a total output of more than 300 sets, and the market prospect is optimistic

reduce the burden on the people carrying four mountains

according to the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, according to the current development trend, the scale of the robot industry in Shaanxi Province is expected to reach 10billion yuan by 2020. At that time, Shaanxi Province will build two to three distinctive robot industry bases (parks), cultivate more than 10 backbone enterprises of robot R & D and manufacturing and system integration services, build three to five well-known independent brands, and create 30 industrial robot demonstration and application enterprises, forming a dynamic, distinctive and competitive complete industrial chain system

3 leading the development of manufacturing industry

further promoting intelligent manufacturing is of great significance to the development of equipment manufacturing industry in our province

Zhang Yong, director of the equipment industry department of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, told that from the perspective of enterprises, vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing in the production line can effectively reduce costs, improve quality and improve efficiency in the manufacturing industry. From the perspective of the whole province, accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing has important strategic significance for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in our province, cultivating new drivers of economic growth, promoting the industry to move towards the medium and high end, and building a new competitive advantage in Shaanxi. In this context, the province attaches great importance to the development of intelligent manufacturing. Combined with the development characteristics of key industries in the province, our province formulated and issued the implementation plan of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering in Shaanxi Province in 2016, with the implementation period from 2016 to 2020

Zhang Yong said that through the implementation of this "plan", by 2020, Shaanxi Province will achieve breakthroughs in key intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, further consolidate the foundation of intelligent manufacturing, make significant progress in the intelligent transformation of key industries, and realize the large-scale development of new intelligent manufacturing industries. Among them, major breakthroughs have been made in the fields of high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots, more than 10 kinds of intelligent manufacturing technology equipment have been developed, and the equipment performance, quality and key technical parameters have reached the international level of similar products. The market for autonomous and controllable intelligent manufacturing equipment and key parts and components has been continuously expanded, and the foundation and supporting capacity of intelligent manufacturing equipment have been significantly improved

by 2020, the intelligent transformation of key industries in Shaanxi Province will achieve remarkable results. 14 key industries will fully implement intelligent transformation, with more than 30 national intelligent manufacturing special projects and pilot demonstration enterprises, more than 100 provincial intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises, 30% lower pilot demonstration enterprises' operating costs, 10% lower energy consumption, and full traceability of product quality. The popularity of digital R & D and design tools in Industrial Enterprises above designated size has reached 80%, the NC rate of key processes has reached 50%, and the manufacturing quality competitiveness index has reached 88. In this context, the basic equipment of Intelligent Manufacturing in Shaanxi Province will get considerable development, and the traditional manufacturing equipment will leap to the "numerical control generation" and "intelligent generation"

industry experts believe that at present, with the rapid promotion of intelligent manufacturing, it will have a far-reaching impact on the transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment of equipment manufacturing industry in Shaanxi Province, and Shaanxi industry will stand at a new height to meet opportunities and challenges

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