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The revitalization plan is good for the shipbuilding industry to adjust the structure and face the depressed market

the new orders picked up slightly, and it is too early for the market to pick up

recently, the handover of new ships exported by shipyards across the country has been frequent. Different from last year's general laziness of foreign shipowners in ship delivery, some foreign shipowners even require shipyards to deliver ships in advance in order to invest in the gradually recovering global shipping market

in the first 10 months of this year, global new ship transactions decreased by 85% year-on-year, and new orders received by Chinese ship enterprises in the first three quarters decreased by 70% year-on-year. The recent slight rebound in new ship orders has given shipbuilding enterprises hope of bottoming out

"from September last year to July and August this year, we received almost no new orders. In recent months, we began to receive some new ship orders, and the new orders from January to October this year have exceeded 2.2 million dwt." Qian Jianping, deputy general manager of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, told, "but the price and quantity are quite different from last year, and the situation is still relatively severe."

although the situation is still not optimistic, semi-solid forming provided a new idea for the utilization of aluminum alloy during the good market in the first two years, and there are many new orders. At present, CSIC still has more than 30 million tons of orders. In the first 10 months of this year, the total economy of CSIC increased by 17% year-on-year, the operating revenue increased by 12% year-on-year, and the total profit increased by 29%. It is estimated that the total economic output of the whole year will exceed 130 billion yuan and the operating revenue will exceed 120 billion yuan

from the perspective of the whole industry, the realized profit still decreased slightly compared with the same period of last year. Statistics show that from January to August, the total profits of Shipbuilding Enterprises above Designated Size reached 20.63 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.6%. In the same period of last year, there were 32.9-1.2 billion loss enterprises in the shipbuilding industry, an increase of 32.9-1.2 billion yuan over the same period of last year

relevant experts of China Shipbuilding Industry Association believe that although the ship market has rebounded slightly recently, on the whole, the global shipbuilding market has not yet reached the time of recovery, and the shipbuilding market will remain depressed in the next 1-2 years. The industry still faces three major problems: order receiving, financing and delivery. "Shipping enterprises should realize that the current market situation is still developing in a direction that is not conducive to the shipyard, and it is still too early to pick up the market. Enterprises must calmly analyze the market, comply with the requirements of ship owners, adjust the production rhythm, and focus on ensuring the delivery of ships."

the revitalization plan is favorable for a long time, and the structural adjustment is aimed at the high-tech and non ship industries

the impact of the international financial crisis also provides a good opportunity for China's shipbuilding industry to adjust its structure. Especially since the release of the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the shipbuilding industry, various government departments have successively issued a number of supporting documents and measures to promote structural adjustment by strengthening policy guidance. In the market downturn, CSIC actively adjusted its strategy, and high-tech products have become the focus of structural adjustment of shipbuilding enterprises. Among them, 180000 ton new bulk carriers, the sixth generation semi submersible drilling platform and other ships and marine engineering that meet the requirements of the new international standards and specifications have been delivered to users in batches. At the same time, CSIC successfully won the bid for the baggage sorting system, information system and weak current system of Kunming new airport, fully realizing the substitution of import. The non shipbuilding industry with high technology content and high added value is becoming a new economic growth point for the sustainable and stable development of the shipbuilding industry

"the revitalization plan is a long-term good news for shipbuilding enterprises." Qian Jianping believes that the policies proposed in the revitalization plan, such as encouraging technological innovation of shipbuilding enterprises, adjusting product structure and accelerating the scrapping and elimination of old ships, have actually expanded the demand of the shipbuilding market and maintained a relatively stable growth of shipbuilding industry production

China shipbuilding industry's IPO is imminent, and ship support has become the key to development

recently, China shipbuilding industry has officially obtained the approval of A-share IPO and has begun the roadshow. Unlike previous shipbuilding enterprises such as China Shipbuilding and Guangzhou shipbuilding international, which took the main shipbuilding industry as listed assets, CSIC's main business of packaging and listing this time is the ship supporting industry. This has also become the first time that China's shipbuilding enterprises have packaged and listed the ship supporting facilities. According to Gan Fengqi, deputy director of the Assets Department of the manufacturer of special testing machine for steel pipe scaffold of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, all the financing funds will be used for the transformation and technical upgrading of supporting industrial production lines. With the recovery of the global economy, the demand of the ship supporting industry will continue to expand, which will support the follow-up development of enterprises

through unremitting efforts in recent years, the production capacity of key supporting equipment such as medium and low-speed marine diesel engines and crankshafts in China has increased rapidly. However, the international financial crisis has also made China's ship distribution industry experience a severe test. "If China wants to be a real shipbuilding power, it must speed up the development of supporting industries, otherwise it will only be a 'hull power'." Introduction of experts from shipbuilding industry association. This requires plastic packaging material enterprises to further improve and enhance in the following aspects

experts suggest that ship supporting enterprises should really pay attention to the performance, quality, price, delivery date and after-sales service of supporting products. Domestic shipbuilding enterprises and design institutes can include domestic equipment with international advanced level in the manufacturer list during design, strive to do a good job in the work of ship owners, and increase the proportion of domestic marine equipment for export ships and ocean going ships. CSIC's IPO will bring new opportunities and impetus to the development of China's shipbuilding supporting industry


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