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The same house uses the same materials. Why does it cost less to decorate than you? The important reason is &mdash& mdash; waste. An amazing figure has been revealed by the China Interior Decoration Association: the waste of decoration projects in China exceeds 30billion yuan every year

decoration industry “ People in the circle ” This is not surprising. In the view of those insiders who spend money on decoration for owners, many owners mistakenly regard waste as a necessity for decoration, and waste is certainly unavoidable. In fact, as long as you change your concept a little, you can save a lot of money without affecting the quality and effect of decoration

method 1: buying new products is slower than being popular

many heads of decoration companies say that some landlords are just like what big names says: don't buy the right ones, only the expensive ones. When choosing ceramic tiles, these landlords tend to choose products with loud brands, high advertising frequency and the so-called latest technology, regardless of whether their own design style is suitable for these materials& ldquo; The difference between the wall and floor tiles of a 120 square meter house is 3000 yuan to 3600 yuan& rdquo; A designer said that every owner has the right to buy what kind of products, but it's silly to have to deal with money. In fact, high-end products of big brands also have cost performance. The cost performance of new products is certainly not as high as classic products, and the performance is not as stable as classic products

in the words of a senior designer, purchasing behavior is one step slower than popularity. His reason is that new products, whether sanitary ware, ceramic tiles or furniture, must have immature technology in terms of performance, color and other elements. Since we have chosen luxury decoration, we must consider the service life of products, so it is wise to choose these new products after they are verified by practice

what's more, if the most high-end products don't last long, they will break down, even if they are repaired for life, they will always feel uncomfortable

method 2: make three rules with the construction party

the survey shows that 40% of people who have decoration experience believe that the main reason for their own decoration waste is that workers misuse materials, resulting in a lot of good paint, wood, floors and so on can't be used

there is an old news in the decoration industry: some companies calculate the labor cost according to the quantity of materials used. In order to earn more labor costs, a decoration company quietly hid the boards purchased by the owner into the ceiling. A few years later, the owner lifted the ceiling and found that it was full of boards. It can be seen that the ideas of the above-mentioned 40% of the people still have a certain basis

a designer said that if the site management method is appropriate, the cost can be saved by about 6%. It depends on whether the owner will keep an eye on the construction party, so that they can make careful calculations in the use of materials. Each kind of building materials are calculated and then cut. Those cut materials are also used as much as possible, which can save a lot of expenses

how to save materials in the construction process depends, of course, on the means of the construction party. For the ground with the same area, the calculation of tile laying is reasonable, which can save a lot of expenses

if you think that the piecemeal calculation is too troublesome, for the decoration of your own house, the fairer way is to negotiate with the decoration company in advance, and the cost of each item is calculated according to the area, such as the actual number of square meters of latex paint, rather than according to the amount of materials, this algorithm can force the decoration company to save materials

method 3: use basic decoration

when decorating new and old houses, no matter which type, try to use the original things. Therefore, the industry should consider what can be reused? Do you need to replace all the wires? Is it really necessary to redo the water pipe? I'm afraid many owners, especially second-hand house owners, should think about these problems

in fact, what basic decoration can be used? Many decoration companies are secretive. After all, the saved quantities may become their profits

if they don't say, the owner himself can't be confused. It is suggested that the doors and windows of the house should be reused as much as possible, because the original doors and windows are made of door jambs and window frames, and the materials may be better than the newly bought ones, but the style is out of date. In fact, these doors and windows are also usable after repainting, so the demolition cost is saved. Some owners also suggested that the wall tiles cut by the Mason should also be used and pasted in the corners such as the back of the cabinet, which will not affect the beauty and save some tile money

method 4: sell excess materials online

“ There are three more gypsum boards in my house, and there is no place to put them. What should I do if there are 1.5 more rolls of Zhongce wires? I need to make up for the lack of a few square meters of ceramic tiles &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; I often hear decoration owners express such helpless feelings. For the decoration families who contract the clearance workers (a home decoration mode in which all building materials are purchased by the owner), purchasing materials is indeed a troublesome thing. It is not only necessary to bargain, but also to estimate the purchase quantity (the list issued by the foreman may not be accurate). If you buy too much, you will waste a lot of money

in order to reduce waste, Mr. Liu, the owner, bought only 1 square meter more than the actual area when purchasing floors. As a result, he not only ran the floor market several times, but also had to spend more money on replenishment because the promotional price of the floors he purchased was cancelled

how can we minimize the waste of excess materials? First of all, it is natural to accurately calculate the amount of building materials required before purchasing. However, it is impossible to be accurate without any waste. Even the budget staff of many professional decoration companies have to write “ Based on actual calculation ” Not to mention the ordinary contractor or the owner himself

What if half a barrel of emulsion paint with a volume of 5 liters is left? You can't return it after opening it. If you can resell it to others, it's a way to save money. Nowadays, there are netizens selling excess building materials on many home forums. Most of them are newly decorated landlords. Just after the decoration, they find that there are more wires, paints and other building materials in their home, so they publish the information on the Internet for trading. It is understood that in some cities in the north, there are even some physical merchants who specialize in the decoration of redundant building materials





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