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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers' requirements for kitchen and bathroom appliances are also increasing. As a newly rising household appliance, integrated cooker has developed rapidly in recent years. With the popularity of open kitchen decoration, it has been favored and accepted by more and more consumers. Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you what advantages the integrated stove has attracted you

I. integrated innovative design

integrated stove is a household appliance that perfectly integrates the functions of range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, microcrystalline stove, induction cooker and so on. It no longer needs to buy electrical appliances one by one, realizes the maximization of use efficiency of various functions, and fully automated intelligent control, which truly realizes people's requirements for green environmental protection and high-end kitchen appliances

II. Ultra high smoke extraction rate

ultra high smoke extraction rate is the biggest feature of the integrated stove. The smoke extraction rate of the integrated stove is more than 95%. The integrated stove adopts the innovative use of micro aerodynamics principle to isolate the pollution source from the external environment in two directions, which can effectively eliminate the smoke and steam before diffusion without affecting the operating line of sight and without passing through the respiratory path of the human body, giving you a clean and tidy kitchen

III. truly realize low noise

the lower exhaust design of the integrated stove cancels the noise source located at the head of the human body, and applies ultra-low, noise technology and silent air duct design technology, resulting in lower noise. However, the traditional kitchen range hood is located in the position of human auditory organ when it works, and the noise is large. It is easy to cause upset, tinnitus, dizziness and dizziness after long use

IV. save space resources

the multi-in-one design of the integrated stove integrates various product functions, eliminating the space of the traditional wall mounted range hood above. The installation freedom is higher, which is Zhongdao style, providing more space for the open modern kitchen and increasing the space utilization. The traditional design of hanging range hood takes up the upper space of the kitchen. In order to protect the indoor environment, the kitchen must be isolated, and the installation is also limited, so the space utilization rate is small

v. safer

most of the integrated stoves on the market now have safety devices such as flameout automatic cut-off of the gas source, leakage automatic cut-off of the power supply, automatic detection of air leakage, voltage and current overload detection, regular reminder function, and layer upon layer protection function, making you safer in the process of use

VI. modern control system

intelligent control system organically combines gas stoves, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, etc. according to people's usual use mode, and adopts microcomputer touch control, which is simple and convenient to operate

VII. Health and environmental protection

the integrated stove uses the side suction and lower exhaust technology to remove the oil smoke downward, so that the oil smoke does not enter the human face and protects the facial skin and respiratory system. The effect of smoking is more than 95%. Even stir fried pepper has no smoke, and the room will not cause oil smoke pollution, which is more green and environmental protection

the above is a summary of the seven advantages of integrated stoves by Xiaobian for your reference. If you are interested in integrated stoves, it is a good time to start. If there are any good comments or suggestions, you can leave a message




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