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Even if you don't live often, the decoration of your home can't lack the element of happiness

at the beginning of design

q: what was your original intention of decoration design when communicating with the designer

a: neither of our husband and wife works locally. This house is not a permanent residence, but our weekend gathering point. Therefore, on the basis of complete functions, we still need to be simple and simple in general. Of course, despite this, we still hope that the overall home atmosphere can maintain a kind of temperature and have a warm feeling of home

q: what are the requirements for furniture

a: Although there are no children for the time being, when buying furniture, we also consider the situation after having a baby in the future, such as the need for the elderly to come home to take care of the children, etc., so when choosing furniture, we should choose a relatively sufficient cabinet as far as possible

q: what is the reason for the whole house to buy Qumei furniture

a: my mother's house is a Qumei home purchased by the whole house. I have experienced Qumei's one-stop services, including house customization, drawing drawings, making plans, follow-up installation, etc. I think Qumei is very reliable, and I have a good sense of experience and use in the process of life. So when we buy a house for decoration this time, the first thing we think of is Qumei

Lin Yutang's interpretation of happiness, happiness in life is nothing more than four things: one is to sleep in your own bed, the other is to eat the meals cooked by your parents, the third is to listen to your lover talk in love, and the fourth is to play games with your children

beautiful home design is also based on this

the appearance of home

△ living room: TV cabinet Qumei B8 customized series

sofa, tea table Qumei gounofanxi series

the collocation of black walnut and white complement each other, making the whole family show an introverted and deep temperament

the dexterity of the design and excellent materials also highlight the unique style and aesthetic taste of the owner

△ master bedroom: bed Qumei gounovenhi series

cabinet Qumei B8 customized series

brown color softens the black walnut color of the cabinet, flowing a kind of comfort and satisfaction at will, but it can also be seen that the owner of this home is very particular about the quality of life and is a person who pursues exquisite life,

△ second bedroom: bed Qumei online City Series

cabinet Qumei B8 customized series

second bedroom breaks the color structure of the whole home, which is dominated by black walnut color, and uses log color with jumping blue, but adds a little brown in details, such as curtains, bedsheets, etc., without flashy modeling and abrupt novelty, giving people a proper simplicity and brightness, exuding fresh and charming young texture

△ study: Qumei B8 customized series

due to the limitation of house type, the owner of the House chose B8 customized series for the design of the study. In the limited space, it has created a warm place that can accommodate three people to work and study at the same time, which is not unique

the white cabinet with the desk as a whole is not complicated and frivolous, which further increases the storage space of the house and highlights the unique style of the owner

△ restaurant: table and chair Qumei B8 finished product series

table side cabinet Qumei B8 customized series

public areas continue to return to the main color of black walnut, with navy blue cushions, the overall style is elegant, calm, introverted, dignified and generous, coupled with gold ornaments, which is vaguely noble

(source of this article: Shenyang Qumei home official account)





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