Warm congratulations to haiikea diatom mud for its

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The golden sheep heralds spring, and Vientiane begins to renew

recently, President Hu of Luzhou finally signed a cooperation agreement with haiikea functional diatom mud after a field visit to haiikea, which marks that haiikea functional diatom mud has successfully entered Luzhou, a wine city in Sichuan Province. Local residents are about to experience haiikea's new green indoor wall materials and create a healthier, fresh and comfortable space for Luzhou residents

according to President Lu, choosing haiikea is based on the mature enterprise model, stable development trend and high-quality quality assurance of Zhonghai IKEA. Haiikea functional diatom mud is a breakthrough interior decoration wall material, a new environmental protection wall material with independent functions, which integrates fashion, environmental protection and health, and can create a unique home decoration space

choice is also a kind of competitiveness! The right direction is bound to usher in new brilliance. I wish haiikea and President Hu to work together for the brilliant next step




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