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The new process of color frequency modulation printing

in recent years, the color step modulation printing technology has been widely used. From the color portrait on the round collar to the color picture of various light boxes, it can be often seen in the streets. In the innovative development of printing technology, various manufacturers have accumulated some experience and made contributions to promoting the color step modulation printing technology. Judging from the trend of the whole printing industry, the development speed is gratifying

there is no end to learning, there is no end to art, and there is no end to the continuous improvement of printing technology. At present, the color tone printing plate still uses the traditional adding method, and the picture reproduces the depth and depth of the original from points with equal distance and different areas. Due to the improper stacking angle of the neatly arranged points or the crisscross angle change with the silk, moire lines that affect the picture quality often appear, which makes the printing workers worry a lot. Of course, if the number of wires matches the number of screen lines, the occurrence of Moire can also be avoided, so w2=0.05g2/hz. The moire problem has been discussed in many articles in the silk printing Journal: last May, the "delegation of China silk printing association to Europe" brought back some printing products from Europe. According to the analysis, these products have adopted the new process of "frequency modulation plus", which has produced very excellent results. The printed copies are very similar to the originals, which can reproduce the colors and levels of the originals, Just like rongbaozhai's Woodcut watermark Chinese painting can reach the level of "unreal"

what is "FM plus"

guanzhixiang, the director of Beijing Xinhua color printing factory, wrote in the article "new technology of color frequency modulation and high fidelity plate making": "the traditional printing technology is to change the depth of color into dots of different sizes, which is a method of 'amplitude modulation'. While the technology of frequency modulation dots is a method of frequency modulation, which expresses the density by the density of dots." This paper summarizes the advantages in six aspects: first, the image with frequency modulation is lifelike, and its color reproduction range, printing density and image definition are better than those of traditional point products; second, the scanning time is shortened, which significantly improves the plate making efficiency; Thirdly, moire can be avoided. "Because the point distribution of frequency modulation is irregular and there is no fixed angle, it shows the color intensity, level contrast and subtle level according to the point density value, so there will be no moire at all for all kinds of color overlap." fourthly, the high-definition reproduction of images is the biggest feature of frequency modulation processing. "It has the best reflection on the shoulder and the middle adjustment level, which is better than the traditional electronic reality", which improves the smoothness and fineness of the product; Fifthly, "low resolution can be used to output high-quality images"; Sixthly, when applied to the reproduction of traditional Chinese paintings, it can solve the problem of tortoise lines of more than four colors, such as six to eight colors, and make the quality of printed traditional Chinese paintings reach a new level

FM plus technology has been applied to the color desktop printing (color DTP) system. The system was jointly developed by Beijing Founder group and Beijing Xinhua color printing factory. It was checked and accepted by the publishing office in may1994. It has been put into production in many printing factories across the country and achieved good social and economic benefits. Although all the new technologies mentioned here belong to lithography (offset printing), they are also closely related to silk printing. Because the traditional dot printing has been applied in printing, similarly, the FM dot process can also be applied to silk printing, and its advantages should be the same as that of lithography. The printing products brought back from Europe can be used for reference to improve the level of domestic printing technology

on September 10, 1996, some members of the old India Friendship Association in Beijing were invited to Bazhou Shengfang Red Star silk printing factory to visit and have a discussion. They appreciated the "women's fashion map" which was successfully printed for the first time. The factory only completed the trial printing in a few months, and the printed samples were colorful and accurate, which was praised and admired by others. In Shunde, Guangdong Province in the south, the color step printing of the chief mate's face was printed about seven or eight years ago and put forward requirements and hopes for the work of the special committee: at that time, the products were mainly landscapes, fruits and other landscapes, but now the products in the north have more difficult character pictures, which makes the printing products more abundant. Whether in the South or the north, large format printing adopts the traditional processing technology, but the quality of these products can be comparable with offset printing, and some special effects are better than offset printing

at present, although the domestic color step tone printing products do not adopt the "frequency modulation plus" new process, it is likely that the "frequency modulation plus" new process will be applied to the fine printing products after the issuance of the special plan for the development of new material industry in Shandong Province (20182022) from the perspective of the development momentum of the printing industry. This is an optimistic forecast, and it remains to be seen whether it is correct or not

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