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At present, color management in China's printing industry has gone through the stage of concept popularization, and its importance has been widely recognized in the industry. Many printing enterprises are using color management software. However, is there a certain gap between the effect of the application and their pre conceived goals? The software function has not been brought into full play. Are there any bottlenecks in the application? In this regard, are there any good measures to solve the problem

in order to widely collect information from all parties, the "observation" column specially invited industry experts to adjust or clean, digital printing users and color management software suppliers to discuss this issue

Market: thirst for knowledge

"color is the life of color printing. To improve the quality of color printing, we must first improve the quality of color. The process of color image reproduction, in the final analysis, is color reproduction." Mr. yinyoufang, an image reproduction expert, said the importance of color management in printing and the strong demand of the market for color management

the purpose of color management is to establish a color space that can communicate and convert among monitors, printers and printers, so as to achieve accurate color of printed matter. This was proved by the two printing enterprises in the interview. Mr. chenxiaogu, general manager and technical director of Yingtian Printing Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yingtian"), introduced that in actual production, Yingtian should carry out color management among screen soft proofing, digital proofing and digital printing machines; When Yingtian produces some graphic works, such as the reproduction of paintings, it also needs to achieve relatively consistent color effects on different paper media

Beijing Yachang Color Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yachang"), which is famous for its high-quality printing in the industry, takes the accurate restoration of works of art as the company's unremitting goal. Jiangxianhu, deputy director of plate making department, said: "as the second darkroom for photographers, printing enterprises need accurate reproduction of colors. Moreover, Yachang's customer groups are experts in art, design, photography, art, commerce and other fields. Their professional and unique artistic accomplishment and level require us to have perfect and accurate color management." In order to achieve accurate color reproduction, Yachang requires that the colors presented by the same document in different processes and different media are consistent, so the color management system must have excellent color restoration accuracy and compatibility of different equipment to ensure the accuracy of color transmission of the whole system, so as to meet the various needs of different customers

at present, many printing enterprises are committed to establishing their own digital workflow. Whether it is traditional printing process or digital process, color management is an important project throughout the whole printing workflow

in view of this situation, sharp eyed color management software suppliers see this market demand. Mr. yanjianhai, general manager of GMG's Shanghai Representative Office in China, said that at present, in the Chinese market, whether large printing enterprises or small export companies or advertising companies are developing in the direction of digitalization, CTP has been widely accepted and recognized; In the actual production process of printing enterprises, color management is the most concerned and important issue of many enterprises

mr. zhujianhua, business development manager of EFI in China, believes that the driving force of color management in China's printing market mainly has three aspects. The first and most important driving force is the growth in demand for digital proofing brought about by the growth of CTP. Color management must be introduced after realizing digital proofing. Second, the development of new applications in the digital printing market. Now, many customers carry out new businesses, such as art reproduction, transfer printing, etc., which have higher requirements for color management. Third, many customers have higher and higher requirements for printing quality control. One of the most important requirements is accurate and bright colors

it is not difficult to analyze that the more urgent the demand, the greater the driving force of the market. Then, after various printing enterprises have introduced color management software, is the effect as good as people expect

application: mixed

with the development of digital technology, the function of color management software is becoming more and more powerful, which provides support for us to effectively control color. However, the conditions of printing enterprises in China are very different. Different types of printing enterprises have different requirements for color management software, as well as different applications. It is understood that the number of printing enterprises purchasing color management software in China is increasing, but the application is not satisfactory

let's first take a look at the "actual statements" of the two printing companies in the interview. Since the introduction of colorblind prove it to monitor color management in 1999, Yachang has successively used labfit, EFI Colorproof and profilemaker for color management in the production process. Mr. jiangxianhu said: "although Yachang has trekked on the road of color management for a long time and made some achievements, we only use part of the powerful functions of the entire color management system, and there is still a long way to go in the future."

similarly, Yingtian also used color management software in 1999. At that time, it was introduced only for digital proofing. Later, the software underwent several upgrades, and its functions have been greatly improved, but it is still only used for digital proofing. In 2004, according to the actual production demand, Yingtian introduced GMG's color management software

both Yachang and Yingtian are well-known printing enterprises doing "fine printing" in China. Compared with the general situation of color management application in China, they do better. However, compared with the energy that the color management system can exert, there is still a lot of potential to be tapped

industry experts expressed the same view. Mr. yinyoufang said that at present, many printing enterprises have not established an effective color management system, and the color control is not good, which can not meet the requirements of customers, resulting in rework. The cost spent on color control has never been reduced. In addition, the color problem has caused a great waste and loss of manpower, materials and time. Moreover, no matter how advanced the prepress and printing technology and equipment are, the color management can not be done well, nor can it play its role. Finally, the color control is unstable, and the print quality still fluctuates greatly

as an agent of color management software and hardware, Beijing Huali Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huali Zhicheng) went deep into the reality and visited many different types of printing enterprises with corresponding interfaces on domestic machines. Mr. yangliren, the general manager, told that the application of color management in domestic printing enterprises was uneven, and there was still a big gap compared with foreign countries. In North China, many high-end printing enterprises that have applied color management software also have some problems in application; In the western region and central China, many printing enterprises have the hardware configuration conditions for digital production, but there is still a lack of theoretical learning and use skills

it can be seen that the effectiveness of the color management system of domestic printing enterprises accounts for only a small part compared with the functions of the color management system. The functions of the color management system in the whole printing process, such as RGB color management, CMYK color management, color conversion, digital proofing, color inspection, ink optimization, are not fully demonstrated in the actual production. At present, most of the color management applied by domestic enterprises is only the color management of digital proofing

learn from the bitter experience and find the crux

what is the cause of the bottleneck in use? This problem is worth pondering, and the resistance caused by the comprehensive effect of various problems should not be underestimated

in the interview, Mr. yanjianhai thought that: firstly, there are some technical defects in the system itself; secondly, the technical level of the seller determines the level of installation, training and after-sales service; thirdly, the user does not pay enough attention to this link and do more learning. The above comprehensive factors caused the use of color management system and the use of functions did not reach a high level, or even used very badly. These views represent the views of most respondents in the interview that the specific formula content should be appropriately increased or decreased according to the heat resistance requirements and surface gloss requirements of the finished product

from the perspective of printing enterprises, Mr. jiangxianhu subdivided the factors in the use process of users: "first, he did not know enough about color management and how to do it; second, he did not master the performance of color management software and could not give full play to its due efficacy; third, the system and equipment were idle and not fully applied to production. The result was' high configuration but low performance '."

in addition, the application of color management also depends on various links and environmental conditions of color management. Mr. yangliren believes that the configuration of paper, ink, software, hardware, computer and auxiliary instruments are all important elements in the application of color management. Any problem with any element will affect the normal application of color management

measures: make concerted efforts

in view of the current situation, solving various bottlenecks in the application of color management is the key to development. In this regard, experts, printing enterprises and suppliers have put forward pertinent opinions and suggestions from their own point of view

according to the current actual situation, there are many variable factors in the printing production of China's printing enterprises, including the adjustment of materials, environment, equipment and other factors. The printing quality is difficult to stabilize, and the color management has very strict requirements for the matching of subsequent processes; In addition, compared with the rapidly developing technologies and products, the quality of technical staff has not kept up, which is a more prominent problem. In this regard, Mr. lijiaxiang, an industry expert, said: "the boss of a printing enterprise should not only pay attention to the introduction of new equipment and technology, but also pay attention to improving the repeatability and stability of printing production through the introduction of new equipment and technology, which is what we usually call standardized production. It is very important to lay a good foundation and do a good job in standardized production and standardized management."

Mr. jiangxianhu also attaches importance to the issue of standardized production. He believes that a "leader" (such as a national printing technology agency or a powerful printing enterprise) is needed to lead domestic printing enterprises to establish various standards for color management, including environment and color temperature, software selection, printing linear description documents, etc. Enterprises in the industry follow the established standards, so that the same file can have the same effect on different enterprises and equipment

it is of great significance to establish color management standards for the printing industry, which is not only beneficial to the printing enterprises to strengthen communication with each other, reduce production costs, and improve production technology and comprehensive benefits; It is also conducive to improving the overall printing technology level of the country, improving the comprehensive utilization rate of resources and enhancing international competitiveness; At the same time, it can also provide valuable experience for the formulation of other industry standards in the printing industry

in addition, the applied

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