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The color and composition of commodity design from the perspective of toothpaste packaging

in our daily life, toothpaste is an article with few data on measuring points, angles and changes, and torque corresponding to other different angles. Although they are inconspicuous and you may not have paid attention to their packaging, you can also see some design skills and methods of commodity design from the perspective of the composition and color of their packaging

most toothpastes have a tube length of no more than 150mm and a width of no more than 50mm. Let's take four common brands of toothpastes as examples to enjoy the mystery and art of this square inch

Figure 1: "Zhonghua toothpaste", its main color is warm. The color is mainly yellow in large area, orange and red in part, and sky blue in a small part. Red, orange and yellow are the typical warm colors. The very pure and bright red makes the brand name "Zhonghua" very conspicuous; On the other hand, the bright yellow in a large area as the background of the "moth proof toothpaste" and the symmetrical pattern of the flow line, like drops of water and just like the freshly extruded toothpaste, make people think of it as elegant and dynamic, and subtly highlight the function of the toothpaste (moth proof); Orange, which is between red and yellow, is just the intermediate color between red and yellow. The color transition is soft and natural; The sky blue "active calcium fluoride formula" and "Huabiao" logo have reached a perceptual balance of color, giving a perfect feeling to the industry for which the wood tensile and compressive strength testing machine is applicable

figure 1

in the composition, the brand "Zhonghua" and its functional font "mothproof toothpaste" are located on the center line m, and they are respectively marked by the "golden section" line Ф and Ф’ Balanced separation; In addition, there is a more wonderful relationship between a and a ', B and B. you have to admire the originality of the designers; In addition, the logo of "Chinese Stomatological Association" is about a rectangle with root number 2. The new Huabiao design is more concise, smooth and dynamic than the previous logo. The Tiananmen square pattern adopts an angle perspective. (for specific relations and data, please refer to the design drawing in ai10 later.)

Figure 2: the main color of "LMZ" toothpaste is cold. The color takes a large area of green as the background, with light green, a small amount of yellow, and a gradient from light green to yellow; Green and yellow are adjacent colors, and the gradient between them makes the whole pattern color consistent, smooth and not stiff; The white brand name "LMZ" is clear at a glance under the green light

in figure 2

composition, the brand "LMZ" is located on the middle line m, and the horizontal position is just on the "golden section" line Ф The pattern on the right is marked by a "golden section" line Ф’ Separated, the "strong effect" and "traditional Chinese medicine toothpaste" equally divided by the middle line m are in the middle of the two "golden section" lines; In addition, the relationship that a equals a 'makes the composition of the main pattern appear regular; Two tilted leaves on the ellipsoid with stereoscopic projection light up the theme "LMZ", giving people a natural, fresh and refreshing feeling. (for specific data proportion, please refer to AI design drawing later.)

Figure 3: the main color of Colgate toothpaste is warm. The color is dominated by a large area of red, with a small amount of yellow as the shadow and background, while the image on the right is dominated by cold blue sky and white clouds (replaced by blue and white gradients in the production). This is not out of place, but juxtaposed with pure red gold, making the colors complement each other and have a strong contrast; The dark blue shade of "strong teeth and fresh breath" seemed to float in the broad sky, highlighting the characteristics of toothpaste

on the composition, the middle line m bisects the main pattern, and the "golden section" line Ф Separate the font and pattern from the left and right, so that the whole pattern is symmetrical without losing balance, coordinated and unified; In addition, the red thin lines inclined to the right by 20 ° make the pattern lively and correct on the whole. (see the AI design drawing at the end of the text for the specific size scale.)

figure 3

Figure 4: the main color of "Jienuo" toothpaste is cold. The color is dominated by blue and cyan, with a small amount of red contrast; The bright cyan toothpaste like pattern, set off by the white shadow, gives people a natural, fresh and friendly feeling, which reminds people how comfortable it is to use such toothpaste; The gray bar at the bottom, this "universal" neutral gray, makes the contrasting red more harmonious with the whole pattern

figure 4

what are the differences between domestic testing machines and imported testing machines reflected in the composition of the "golden section" line Ф and Ф’ Divide the pattern and "Jienuo" font into two; Star high brightness point is beneficial in Ф’ Upper; The circle on the toothpaste like pattern is like a magnifying glass, allowing you to see through the atomic structure "bright white particles" of the toothpaste; One fifth of the height of the gray bar is placed at the bottom to strengthen the overall stability of the pattern. (see the AI design drawing at the end of the text for the specific size scale.)

when people are looking at a static figure, image or object, color always grabs people first. At the moment you look at them, your emotions and even thoughts have been infected by it. Of course, composition is equally important, just as sketch is the basis of everything in painting, and outline and form are the basis of sketch

from the color and composition of the toothpaste packaging, we can summarize some design features:

1. the color matching is mainly harmonious, with contrast. The colors on any picture should be reconciled, including, of course, adjacent colors and contrasting tones. The packaging patterns of these four toothpastes are all dominated by dominant colors and. If other colors in a small area are secondary, the foil position of the oil pump should be stopped. The contrast and harmony of colors should be based on the specific content and picture needs, sometimes emphasizing contrast and sometimes focusing on harmony. When emphasizing contrast, we should pay attention to harmony, and the pictures that emphasize harmony should also use contrast

2. from the perspective of the whole composition pattern, they are almost the same: the brand name is on the left and the main pattern is on the right, which reflects the characteristics of toothpaste. The design should be limited by the shape and connotation of the object, and serve the specific object, rather than freely wielding it

3. the composition of the four toothpastes all adopted the "golden section" line, and some even adopted two lines. In terms of visual comfort, the golden section is the best place, but it seems to be the same, but the natural is often the most beautiful. For example, the famous oil painting shepherdess uses the "golden section" in its composition

4. the font and pattern are inclined about 15 ° ~ 20 ° to the right, which is in line with the right-hand behavior of most people. The font is mainly variety, bold or its variants, and the font color changes according to the main tone, mostly white and red; The drawing of patterns mostly takes the deformation of circle, ellipse, curve or streamline as the main body, giving people a peaceful, stable and approachable aesthetic feeling

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