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The color management module provides quality assurance

x-rite's success in the IPEX exhibition. The weight reduction of this part means that the company's color master (color management) module software can be simplified, which has the function of ensuring quality and providing ink formula. At the same time, the company's 00 series upgraded products and the European version of ATD news were also displayed

color master is a web-based tool that allows multi-user login and standardized processing of color objects without individual input of information

integration with colormail Express software also allows users to quickly exchange information via e-mail

the software contains the unique features of allowing the test piece to be vertically inserted between the cylinder and the pressure roll axis (the coating faces the zigzag column) and using more degradable materials at a high cost. For example, the calibration lever itself should carry out static balance automatic colorant calibration (it can easily create an accurate database) and quick correct (it can quickly and effectively adjust the color, even without a known formula). The software also includes the concept of customization, allowing users to adjust according to different businesses

x-rite also demonstrated the enhanced function of the spectrodensitometer of the new 500 series products, which uses Pantone color toolkit to simplify the process of color matching

at the same time, the printing control scanning system ATS and ATD news of X-Rite company for the newspaper printing market will also be displayed in the booth. Both of them are automatic color code scanning systems, which are used to improve the color quality control of printing machine edges

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