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China's color box enterprises are moving towards differentiated competition

the Meilong series box pasting machine now sold by boster is an optimized product developed twice on the basis of the group's latest product Mistral to meet the special needs of the Chinese market, achieving the best cost performance and taking into account the future expansion needs. The folding color box packaging market in China has experienced rapid development in the past 10 years, and the product quality has been greatly improved. 6: untrained workers should not be close to the experimental machine when operating the experimental machine. They have established the idea of quality first. 1. The role of the reducer in the tensile machine. It has entered a new stage of development since around 2004, marked by the rapid decline of the average profit margin of the industry. In the full market competition environment, the labor price of packaging and printing has fallen to a very low level, forcing the whole industry to improve and restructure, and gradually merge small-scale enterprises with no characteristics of products. Large enterprises also begin to take product differentiation as a competitive means to replace price competition. After 2005, the appreciation of RMB and the rise of labor price forced the whole industry to move towards the direction of high efficiency, high output and low consumption. At the same time, the added value was increased through differentiated competition

Meilong box pasting machine is the latest product opened to meet these requirements

accepted paper feeding device ensures the consistency of paper feeding, reduces the waste products due to paper feeding problems and reduces the production waste rate while reducing the adjustment time

the new 4 and 6 corner box devices can be adjusted automatically and adapt to the change of production speed only by inputting the corresponding size of the box type. The revolutionary wonderfold device makes the folding action from back to front very simple. Users can design more box types to meet their special needs and create greater added value

Evonik industries, the world's leading producer of specialty chemicals, recently planned to increase the mass production of composite materials. In order to adapt to different materials, from cardboard to micro corrugated to various transparent plastic materials, the Meron box pasting machine can be configured differently according to the needs of users, so that every investment can bring benefits into play

due to these market-oriented and user-oriented development and applications, Meilong series and its prototype Mistral series have been warmly welcomed by users all over the world. Since the launch of drupa in 2004, 100 units have been installed in the world, and now it is the company's most popular model

in China, we often hear peers say that their R & D ability is not good, they can only copy foreign advanced technology, and even boast that they imitate the same. Boster is often the object of imitation. In fact, on the other hand, boster's products are also developing and improving. The purpose of R & D is to meet the market demand and the needs of users. Imitation should neither be the purpose nor the means of R & D

as a Chinese, I sincerely hope that China's packaging and printing industry will become a world-class one

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