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The colloidal gold detector can detect whether the pesticide residues in Lycium barbarum exceed the standard within 10 minutes

Ningxia Lycium barbarum has the largest cultivation area in China. Ningxia Lycium barbarum is mainly distributed in Northwest China, while other areas with scope and economic value in the field of pollution control are commonly Chinese Lycium barbarum and its varieties

whether the pesticide residues in Lycium barbarum exceed the standard can be accurately determined within 10 minutes. Recently, in order to protect personal safety, a new type of pesticide residue detection equipment for Lycium barbarum - colloidal gold detector has been put into use in Ningxia Autonomous Region. They also very much hope to carry out relevant research on the utilization of polymer based materials in the field of highway construction in Zhongning county

during the planting of Lycium barbarum, due to the variety and serious harm of diseases and pests of Lycium barbarum, in order to ensure the quality and safety of Zhongning Lycium barbarum products from the source and enhance the market competitiveness of Zhongning Lycium barbarum and its series of products, qiyuantang (Ningxia) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Yirui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. jointly developed a new type of detection equipment for pesticide residues of Lycium barbarum - colloidal gold detector, and comprehensively carried out the detection of pesticide residues of Lycium barbarum, Realize the rapid detection of pesticide residues in Lycium barbarum products. In the past, pesticide residue detection was carried out through a third-party testing agency for a long time. With this instrument, you can test anytime and anywhere. The detector is fast, accurate and simple. It can detect whether 10 agricultural residues such as sulfur dioxide and lead meet the requirements of the national standard for the beginning of the test in 7 to 10 minutes, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of Lycium barbarum products

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