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Color design should meet the following requirements


The brand name, product name, description text, advertising text, manufacturer, company or distribution unit and other text information on the commodity packaging reflect the essential content of the packaging. When designing the packaging, we must take these words as a part of the overall packaging design, and we will steadily raise the price points for overall consideration

the key points of text design on the package are as follows

(1) the text is concise. Authentic, vivid, easy to read and remember

(2) the character design shall reflect the attribute characteristics of the packaging contents

(3) the arrangement of words and the overall design style of packaging should be harmonious

(4) the character design should be distinctive and regional

5. symbol design

in addition to the above four elements, some other symbols should be used for packaging composition. Some are about transportation, such as moisture-proof, shockproof, inversion proof, waterproof and other storage and transportation signs; Some are about using safety, such as safety signs; Some are about commodity categories, such as green environmental signs, recyclable signs, etc.; others are convenient for commodity identification and circulation, such as bar codes, etc

symbol ◆ during the experiment process, the medium-sized design can be considered from the following aspects

(1) the printing size shall comply with national standards. For example, when printing bar code, it shall be changed within the range of 0..09 times of the basic size (37.29mmx26.26mm when the steel yield to a certain level)

(2) the color of various symbols shall comply with national standards and be consistent with the overall design style

(3) for different packages, the positions of various symbols are also different. It is necessary to consult relevant data to ensure that everything is safe

(4) the color of commodity packaging can be accepted by its consumer layer

(5) the color design shall conform to the color preferences and habits of different sales regions

(6) the color design shall be consistent with the texture and texture of the packaging materials used

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