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Color printing promotes the growth of authentication business

authentication is a popular business model. According to the research of PricewaterhouseCoopers, a new certified enterprise opens every eight minutes in the United States. Iced is one of the largest certification alliances integrating printing and reproduction, packaging and transportation, women's health and children's education. It has more than 800 offices around the world

iced is committed to the successful development of certifiers and tries its best to provide them with various market support, including providing personalized direct mail transportation of top quality. For example, kkbc sends color postcards to local families and business organizations several times a year to improve its service level and leadership. Br a week, saved tens of thousands of dollars

even if the most traditional printing mode is adopted, it is necessary to use offset printing technology to produce 8000 different types of mail. For each set of e-mails required by customers, the Certification Center shall make a map and order form for each person through the e-mail list. For variable information postcards required by customers, more than 80 pieces of plates are required, and then they shall be taken to the post office to write the mailing address

Jay Groot, chairman of kkbc, said: we have to spend a week each month mailing offset mails and stick to them. Now, iced can use Ossi cps800 full-color digital printer to complete the printing of variable data in the headquarters. Finally, the home target market has become a feasible and valuable choice. Cps800 enables iced to provide personalized printing and mail services, making its certification system more effective and perfect. Personalization and imitation 3. After selecting the required experimental methods, the offset color quality enhances the market influence and stabilizes its leading position in the market

the reduction of operation steps and labor can save about US $20000 per year for iced, and eliminate the waste of prepress and printing unit. Meeting our customers' needs has really saved us money, Groot said. In the past, we printed our products and put them on the shelf, which naturally made us lose our competitive advantage. If we can use templates in our work, we can better arrange our time

a good marketing plan can make the work easier.

groot explained: our certification prints postcards and newsletters according to customers' needs, or allows customers to automatically standard sand. The sand currently used is the document required for the download of medium standard sand. Some customers want us to help them, so they don't have to worry about the impact of printing on their marketing plans and speed up product upgrading

our recent crisis is our equipment, and the CPS system basically meets our needs. It has very good quality and consistency. In the past, this was the biggest headache for investors. Another advantage is that it can handle all kinds of media information without affecting speed or quality. The printing system can guarantee the speed even under full load. Iced uses this system to complete various tasks, such as production materials, cover and color pages of partner magazines, as well as newsletters and postcards

iced produces 100000 color prints of variable information with CPS 800 every month, including postcards, newsletters and brochures. Although it is not as many as 11000 pieces, the average operation time is 750 hours, and the number of 1218 inch postcards or 188 prints is not small. The variable unit includes the address of the certification center, the receiving address, the order, the map, and sometimes the photo of the owner

network advantages and stable market

groot said: we provide formed solutions so that the certification center can ensure timely access to the market. Some centers can do four-color printing, but they are very busy, so we can help them. We didn't choose printing before, but now four-color printing has expanded our service range. Iced uses the order system to make its stable market service more convenient. All market materials can be prepared by the certification center through the warehouse

cps system makes our trade easier. In the past, we used to receive and transmit documents by fax and typing. Now the certification center can register and print PDF files at any time. Once they have passed the certification, they can place an order and enter the printing sequence, or download printing documents from the certification center. This helps us control the cost of a single page, which is very valuable

realize the added value of partners

kkbc also uses color digital printing system for customer direct mail program. Groot said: we didn't expect the certification center to become a speed printer, but as a partner of customers, CPS can help them complete the printing task. The certification center has created a target market plan for insurance, finance, pharmaceutical and other customers, providing more convenient services. This helps certification centers expand their application value and inspire their customers to provide services in new markets

although iced does certification business, excellent digital printing technology plays an important role in their work strategy. Through Ossi CPS color printing machine, iced has created a stable market to support services and personalized variable information color printing and delivery services. In this way, the certification company not only obtains the largest market and meets the business needs, but also makes profits from it

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