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Color code recognition technology: what you see is what you get changes the business world

at the international cloud Expo in March 2012, color code recognition technology became a highlight, attracting many people to experience the business of color code cloud mall

color Mobi code is the third generation of dimension code. It is a revolutionary technology based on the traditional matrix two-dimensional code

the two-dimensional code began to be used in 1994, and the third generation of color graphic matrix code was successfully developed by the research team of Yonsei University, a famous private university in South Korea. In april2000, colorzip Med was officially established and launched related products. In october2004, colorzip was established in Japan, and the business in Japan has been officially launched since February 2005

color codes have been widely used in all aspects of life in Japan, while in China, most of the current market uses bar codes and some two-dimensional codes. Although the color code technology has appeared for many years, just as the two-dimensional code has its own disadvantages, the color code also has its own disadvantages. It requires the application of comprehensive resources and the grafting of networking platforms with telecom suppliers. Because there is no soil for application before, it has not been widely applied. With the popularization of 3G networks and terminals, color code will usher in great development

color codes are widely used.

one of the biggest advantages of color codes is that they can let users directly see the overview of the information they want to obtain, and realize "what you see is what you get"

when we want to log in or know this information, we can log in directly with the camera and get useful information. Because it is a color code, it is not monotonous like bar code or two-dimensional code. Color codes can accept color information. Therefore, we can put some very cute pictures into them. In this way, we don't feel that they are only detected things, but special and very good-looking ones, which are integrated with commodities

color codes can support a variety of middle and low-end. Because color codes express information in four single colors with the greatest correlation: red, green, blue and black, regardless of the size of their occupied area. Therefore, the design element of color code is color discrimination, and its discrimination has a large value range. The above characteristics greatly reduce the technical requirements of the camera, that is, without the need for close-up camera and camera with high pixel value (only 300000 pixels), BASF light stabilizer can easily provide protection and identification color code for thermoplastic resin film. At present, most mobile users can use the medium and low end to read color codes and obtain corresponding services

color codes are high-speed and easy to use. They also have stable decoding ability in various environments. They have a very high recognition rate even in weak light and low contrast. In addition, there is a memory function to reduce the load on the CPU. It can use any device and digital camera. It is a simple and low-cost application

at the same time, color codes are widely used. Because of its easy identification and high allowable diversity, color codes can be widely released and used on streaming media, such as TV stations, outdoor streaming media and metro bus TV, providing services such as advertising content extension, voting statistics and fast access to video programs; It can also be used in multimedia, such as vision and outdoor LED TV; At the same time, the color code can be printed on the curved surface to meet the relevant national and international standards, such as beverage bottles or instant noodles packaging barrels, which can be used as a lottery for users

the non open source unified security standard

compared with the traditional binary coding structure with "1" black dot and "0" blank, the color code has been innovated to two-dimensional from the original plane matrix. It cleverly uses the "R", "g", "B" and "K" color concepts that form the logical basis of color block reading, and combines the geometric shapes corresponding to hexadecimal to represent the numerical information to form a three-dimensional matrix

is different from the traditional two-dimensional code structure. Around the data area composed of horizontal and vertical, a position cell composed of low point parity and vertical parity is added, and a double position cell composed of reverse parity is added at the intersection to strengthen the security system. Nano is a unit of length measurement

what is more important from the perspective of security is the non open source and global patent status of the source code of color code technology. Although there are so many applications of color codes, the source code is closed, which ensures the security and unified standards of color codes and avoids the application anxiety of vicious competition of similar technologies. Communication world weekly

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