The hottest color emotion and visual psychology IX

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Color emotion and visual psychology (IX)

two color character

all kinds of colors have their unique character, which is called color for short. They are connected with human physiological and psychological experience of color, which makes the objectively existing color seem to have a complex character

(1) the following provides several methods to reduce the small workpiece error of Leeb hardness tester, which are easy to process and shape: the wavelength of red is the longest, the penetration is strong, and the perception is high. It is easy for people to think of the sun, flame, blood, flowers, etc., and feel warm, excited, lively, enthusiastic, positive, hopeful, loyal, healthy, full, full, happy and other upward tendencies, but sometimes it is also considered to be a sign of childish, primitive, violent, dangerous and vulgar. Red has always been a traditional festive color in China

deep red and purple red make people feel solemn, steady and warm. They are often used on occasions to welcome distinguished guests. The brilliant pink with white has a soft, sweet, dreamy, pleasant, happy and elegant feeling, which has almost become a special color for women

(2) orange and red belong to the same warm color, with the color between red and yellow. It reminds people of flame, light, glow, fruit and other objects. It is the warmest and loudest color. I feel lively, gorgeous, brilliant, leaping, hot, warm, sweet, happy and happy, but there are also negative and tendentious expressions such as doubt, jealousy and deception

grey orange turns into coffee, white orange turns into light orange, commonly known as blood tooth color. Both orange and orange are sweet colors commonly used in clothing, and they are also favorite clothing colors for many consumers, especially women, children and young people

(3) yellow yellow is the color with high lightness in all hues, with the impression of lightness, brilliance, transparency, liveliness, brightness, brilliance, hope, fame, health, etc. However, yellow is too bright and dazzling, and it is easy to lose its original appearance if it is mixed with other colors. First of all, it also has the bad meaning of lightness, instability, variability, coldness and so on

pale yellow with white feels peaceful and gentle, while beige or native white with a large amount of light gray is a good leisure natural color, while dark yellow has another noble and solemn feeling. Because yellow easily reminds people of the epidermis of many fruits, it can cause an acidic appetite

yellow is also used as a safety color because it is easy to be found, such as work clothes for outdoor work

(4) in nature, except for the sky, rivers, oceans and green, grass and leaf plants can be seen almost everywhere. They symbolize life, youth, peace, serenity and freshness. Green is the most suitable for human eyes, and has the functions of eliminating fatigue and adjusting. Yellow and green bring people the breath of spring and are popular with children and young people. Blue green and dark green are the colors of the sea and forest, which have profound, steady, calm, wise and other meanings. Gray green, such as earth green, olive green, pickle green, dark green and other colors give people a mature, independent, low-noise sense of grasping the oil source, sophisticated and deep. They are widely used by people and the clothing color specified by the military and police

(5) contrary to red and orange, blue is a typical cold color, which means calm, cool, rational, profound and transparent. With the continuous development of human space, it has a strong sense of modernity symbolizing high technology

light blue is bright and full of youthful vigor. It is loved by young people, but it also feels immature. Dark blue is calm and stable. It is a popular color among middle-aged people. Among them, the slightly warm group Cyans are full of moving and profound charm, while Tibetan Cyans give people a generous and solemn impression. Indigo and indigo have been widely used among the people and seem to have become symbols of national characteristics. Of course, blue also has its other side of character, such as rigidity, indifference, sadness, fear and so on

(6) purple is mysterious, noble, beautiful, solemn and luxurious. Sometimes it feels lonely and negative. In particular, dark or dark grey purple is easy to give people the impression of foreboding, decay and death. However, the red purple or blue purple with light gray has a quiet and mysterious sense of the times similar to the color of space and universe, and is widely used in modern life

(7) black black is a colorless phase without purity. It often makes people feel calm, mysterious, serious, solemn and implicit. In addition, it is easy to give people negative impressions such as sadness, terror, ominous, silence, extinction and evil. Nevertheless, the combination of black is very adaptable, no matter what color, especially the bright pure color, matches it. Can achieve a pleasing effect. However, it can not be used in a large area. Otherwise, its charm will be greatly weakened. On the contrary, it will produce a depressing and gloomy sense of terror

(8) white gives the impression that white is clean, bright, pure, innocent, simple, hygienic and quiet. Under its background, other colors will appear more fresh and bright. Using more white may also produce a dull, monotonous and empty feeling

(9) gray gray is a neutral color. Its prominent character is soft, meticulous, stable, simple and generous. It does not obviously affect other colors like black and white. Therefore, as a background color is very ideal. Any color can be mixed with gray. The slightly colored gray can give people an elegant, delicate, implicit, stable, exquisite, civilized and cultivated high-grade feeling. Of course, the abuse of gray is also easy to expose its boring, lonely, melancholy, no passion, no interest

(10) earthy brown contains various colors of medium and low lightness, such as earthy red, earthy green, ripe brown, raw brown, earthy yellow, coffee, pickled vegetables, bronze, camel hair, tea brown, etc. its personality is not very strong, and its affinity is easy to match with other colors, especially with fresh colors, so the effect is better

also reminds people of the harvest season in golden autumn, so they all feel mature, modest, rich and easy-going

(11) except for precious metal colors such as gold and silver, all colors with luster have their own colorful characteristics. Golden magnificence, a symbol of honor, wealth, reputation and loyalty; Silver is elegant and noble, symbolizing purity and faith. It is milder than gold. They are compatible with other colors. It is almost universal. Small area embellishment is eye-catching and refreshing, while large area use will produce too dazzling negative effects, appear flashy and lose the sense of stability. If used skillfully and decorated properly, it can not only draw the dragon and brighten the day, but also produce a strong high-tech modern aesthetic feeling

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