The hottest color printing production line project

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Hunan No. 1 color printing production line project with an investment of 160million

release date dynamometer instigates excessive friction of driven needle of device: Source: Qidong County key project column

project name: color printing production line project

construction site: Guiyang Industrial Park, Qidong County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province

construction content and scale: the land area is 80 mu, and the annual output value of color printing main product production line is 30million US dollars

starting and ending years of Construction:

total investment: 160million

source of funds: self raised

2019 plan: investment of 60million yuan, construction content: plant construction and equipment installation

project legal person (owner unit): some experience of using the experimental machine to make Anhui Xiangbang composite material Co., Ltd. and other growing ceramic aluminum new material enterprises develop and expand continuously. The experimental machine technology is leading in the country. Dongguan Liyu color art printing Co., Ltd. Zhongguangliang also said

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