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Color plastic profile industry standard is expected to be issued

recently, it was learned from the plastic door and window Committee of China building metal structure association that color plastic profile industry standard is expected to be issued soon. In recent years, color plastic doors and windows are used more and more. Color plastic doors and windows is a new product after white plastic doors and windows, mainly to meet the increasingly diverse building decoration needs

color plastic doors and windows mainly rely on the colorization of PVC plastic profiles, which are used as raw materials. Among them, there are colorization technologies such as film covering, coextrusion, spraying, full body coloring, etc. Color profiles have red, yellow, blue, dark green, black, purple and other colors, which can produce simulation effects such as wood grain, metal marble and so on. Beautiful appearance for plastic doors and windows made of white PVC profiles, color plastic doors and windows have the advantages of novelty, easy coordination and good matching, and diverse surface textures. Therefore, color plastic doors and windows are favored and loved by many users

however, the surface and properties of profiles produced by different color chemical technologies are different, and the performance parameters are also different from those of ordinary white profiles. In addition, there is no domestic product standard for color profiles, so the quality and performance level of PVC color profiles cannot be measured. Therefore, the specification and development of color plastic doors and windows are affected

in order to solve this problem, the plastic door and window Committee of China building metal structure association undertook the task of preparing fence standards issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. Therefore, Dalian Shide Group Co., Ltd., plastic doors and windows Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association The National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center (materials testing department) and relevant units jointly prepared the unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) color profiles for building doors and windows Industrial standards for construction industry

according to LinLanLan, Deputy Secretary General of the Technical Committee for standardization of building products, components and fittings of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, a review meeting was organized at the end of May this year to review the draft standards. 35 representatives from 26 units, including management, scientific research, design, production, testing and use, attended the meeting. The expert review committee, with gutaichang as the chairman and gaohanmin as the vice chairman, has also become a brand exhibition for businessmen in the plastic industry at home and abroad. The chief editor explained the preparation of the standard in detail, and the review experts discussed the contents of the standard item by item and sentence by sentence

at present, the two German standards of dindin are not equivalent to this standard. During the preparation process, the preparation team consulted the relevant standards and data at home and abroad, carried out a lot of test verification work, and combined with the use of domestic products in China, the prepared standard has reasonable structure, comprehensive content, operability, and is consistent with the relevant standards. After discussion, the review experts fully affirmed the preparation of the standard, unanimously passed the review of the standard, and hoped that the preparation unit would modify the standard according to the modification opinions, and complete the draft for approval as soon as possible

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