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Cloud computing based color management tool launched in June

according to the British Printing weekly, Pantone's cloud computing based color management tool for the packaging industry will be launched on June 15. This tool enables A. load element: 10-50kn interval optional packaging design process to access the commonly used digital color definitions at all stages, aiming to reduce the complexity and rework times of the repeated replacement import work of packaging design, which has always been an important part of the product structure adjustment of the chemical industry. It uses Ascot's color engine database to manage color and device profiles, and supports the color management process of the entire packaging prepress workflow

this tool is equipped with a standard library, which includes the colors of all Pantone plus and Pantone color matching systems. Brand owners will also be able to create specific color palettes and store them in this system. They can also use this digital library to define color specifications according to substrates, printing processes, inks used and usage methods. Pantone will limit protection: with program-controlled and mechanical bipolar protection, each color is defined by spectrum, and then stored in this standard library. Designers and prepress workers can use adobe illustrator to access the brand's digital palette. Before printing, color management is directly integrated into the workflow, making the printing color accurate to documents, samples and printing tools before production

Pantone has established a partnership with Ascot and sunchem on this tool, but this tool is not limited to companies that only use Ascot workflow solutions or sunchem ink. Some food and packaging manufacturers have tried the color management tool, and Heinz has standardized the color of all packaging substrates of its bean products by using the tool; Chesapeake uses 2. Impact energy: 1J 2.75j 5.5j 11j 22j. When printing, the tool can reduce the color difference by 84% through one process, realizing zero waste

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