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How does Tan Xuguang make Weichai conform to the trend of the times

how does Tan Xuguang make Weichai conform to the trend of the times

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in 1997, Tan Xuguang joined Weichai. Today in 2017, Tan Xuguang became the chairman and CEO of Weichai. Over the past 40 years, Tan Xuguang has witnessed the changes of Weichai and continuously contributed to the development of Weichai

Tan Xuguang

look at problems from the perspective of development

China's manufacturing industry is lack of innovation due to the influence of traditional technology. Weichai was born with the common problems of China's old state-owned enterprises when it was established in 1946. When Tan Xuguang joined the work, as a front-line worker, he also saw the overall structure of Weichai while learning technology, and he cultivated a vision of development in his youth, He saw the broad prospects of creep data products from the tensile tests carried out by the foreign trade company under high temperature. After the age of 25, he insisted on a 10-year foreign trade career, once increased the export volume of Weichai from US $300000 to US $60million, and conducted in-depth research on the international market

turn the tide in times of crisis

the congenital common disease of Weichai led to poor management. In 1998, it owed 300 million. At the critical moment, Tan Xuguang was ordered to become the youngest factory in the history of Weichai, put forward the "three rules", and later became the standard for Weichai leading cadres to behave and do things. Relying on years of experience and sizing up the situation, Tan Xuguang carried out system reform, property right reform and reorganization of Hunan torch for Weichai, and personally took the lead in expanding business, occupying an absolute advantage in the heavy truck market. Tan Xuguang allowed Weichai to increase its sales from 600million to 98.3 billion in the 13 years from 1998 to 2011, transforming it from an enterprise on the brink of bankruptcy to a leading manufacturing enterprise

innovative technology improves core competitiveness

Tan Xuguang, who is well versed in the importance of innovation in enterprise development compared with traditional alloy materials, put forward the concept of "I-centered, chain innovation", established a global collaborative R & D center in China, the United States, Germany, Italy and France, owned many R & D platforms such as national key laboratories, and formed nearly 3000 technologies and patents with independent intellectual property rights. In order to break through the bottleneck of the development of China's power equipment, Tan Xuguang led Weichai to lead the development with innovation. In 2005, he completed the "blue engine" power, realized the leap from made in China to created in China, broke through the monopoly and blockade of foreign countries on China's power industry, and cooperated with Massachusetts Institute of technology, Tsinghua University, AVL, Bosch and other educational and technical institutions to establish a strategic alliance for technological innovation, Constantly leading industry technology 2 is the scope of factors, driving force weakened innovation

diversified development under the the Belt and Road

Tan Xuguang's foreign trade ability and experience enabled him to seize the opportunities and challenges brought by mergers and acquisitions. With the research and control of the international market situation, Weichai's overseas revenue has become an important driving force for the group's sales growth. Since 2008, it has actively carried out overseas mergers and acquisitions. It has acquired boduan, the largest marine engine system supplier in France, and Faraday, a famous Italian yacht manufacturer and brand. It has also taken shares in Kaiao group and acquired Linde hydraulic and other international leading enterprises and brands. Under the influence of the "the Belt and Road" policy, the turnover of overseas projects of Weichai in 2016 exceeded 60billion yuan. Tan Xuguang introduced Weichai into a diversified development momentum. Under the reform environment of "made in China 2025", which is concerned by the two sessions, Weichai will adopt the latest Internet information technology to realize the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry through overseas M & A strategies and the transformation process of intelligent manufacturing. Only to build a world leading Weichai, let Weichai's brand shine on the world stage, and realize the original Weichai dream

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