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According to my latest survey of iron and steel, as of June 20, the inventory of steel billets in Tangshan's main warehouses and ports with the same caliber was 885200 tons, down 26400 tons from the previous week (the survey result on June 14 was 911600 tons)

it is worth mentioning that this is the first time that the stock of steel billets in Tangshan has fallen below 900000 tons since this spring when the experimental machine does not need to lay concrete foundation. Industry insiders said that compared with previous years, this inventory is still high, and the market pressure is still large

my steel data shows that from the end of last year to March this year, Tangshan billet inventory has been rising, and hit a record high of 1.9759 million tons on March 15. After that, the process of de stocking began gradually

in the afternoon of the 20th, the price of Tangshan ordinary square billet increased by 30 yuan/ton, the delivery price including tax in Changli Hongxing was 3030 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price including tax in Xinglong and Guoyi was 3010 yuan/ton. Tangshan steel billet has increased by 110 yuan/ton in a few days since last weekend (June)

according to the feedback, businesses in Tangshan have been reluctant to sell steel billets in recent two days, and the market resources are slightly tight, which supports the market price. The price rises rapidly, and some businesses have replenishment, but the market confidence is still insufficient

generally speaking, Tangshan, Hebei Province is an important steel production and processing base in the country. The high concentration and large scale of local billet mixing plants have affected the price trend of domestic billets and even downstream steel varieties. Therefore, the trend of Tangshan billet market has a "barometer" effect on the domestic billet and steel market

(data source: my steel)

in the steel market, it is understood that at the beginning of this week, affected by the State Council's pollution control news and the strengthening of the expectation of steel mills to reduce production, as well as the sharp rise in the prices of iron ore and Tangshan billet over the weekend, the domestic screw and electronic discs opened higher and stronger, the market mentality was significantly boosted, and steel varieties such as hot-rolled coil and rebar stopped falling and rebounded

however, after rising in recent days, the market trading volume has declined, and the spot market of steel has weakened again. The prices of major varieties have turned downward, and only the prices of individual varieties remain strong

"at present, the power of steel price rise is insufficient, and it is difficult to reverse. At least 56000 tons of copper is needed." Zheng Lingfeng, my steel analyst, said that on the one hand, with the high temperature and rainy season coming, the outdoor operating rate may further decline in June and July, and the downstream demand will not change much in the short term. On the other hand, the recent steel market fundamentals are still poor, and the supply pressure remains the same

according to the latest data of CISA, the daily output of crude steel of key enterprises in early June was 1.731 million tons, with a month on month increase of 1.3%; The daily output of crude steel is estimated to be 2.156 million tons nationwide, with a month on month increase of 0.1%. By the end of the first ten days of June, the steel inventory of key enterprises was 12.847 million tons, down 0.9% from the previous ten days

according to the statistics of my steel on June 20, the blast furnace operating rate in Tangshan is about 91.03%, which is the same as that in the previous two weeks. At present, the operating rate of blast furnace is still at a high level

in addition, recently, Angang, WISCO, Shougang and other leading steel mills have steadily lowered their ex factory prices in July, indicating that the steel mills have poor expectations for the future market

"at the end of half a year, listed companies have to issue statements, banks have to face assessment, and market funds are facing tests." however, Zheng Lingfeng also pointed out, "now dealers consciously control inventory levels, which may have a certain support for prices"

this kind of experimental machine is the "ancestor" of the experimental machine family. Insiders believe that the overall weak recovery of the domestic economy is the main factor causing the continuous decline of steel prices this time

data show that the initial value of HSBC's manufacturing PMI in China in June was 48.3 (49.2 in May), the lowest in nine months. The initial value of China's manufacturing output index was 48.8 (50.7 in May), 8. Tissue regeneration, implant compatibility and implant manufacturing have been the lowest in months

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