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Tan Xuguang: intelligent manufacturing, don't beat the drums and gongs, do concepts

Tan Xuguang: intelligent manufacturing, don't beat the drums and gongs, do concepts

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"The reason why Europe promotes intelligent manufacturing is that it already has a basic management foundation. Compared with it, many of our enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, still have a big gap, and we need to do more. Don't drum up the concept. We should do a solid job in basic management. After reaching a certain foundation, we will discuss interconnection +, and then discuss how to realize the strain at a certain point of an elastic element and the force on the elastic element through interconnection + Directly proportional to intelligent manufacturing, through intelligent manufacturing, we can finally realize the service of the whole life cycle of customers. " Tan Xuguang, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Weichai group, said on the sidelines of the two sessions

transformation and upgrading is imperative

manufacturing industry, especially traditional manufacturing industry, transformation and upgrading is imperative

Tan Xuguang said, "The country has put forward the concept of interconnection +. I think this concept is very good. In the development process of our new era, the consumption mode has changed from production to manufacturing to the whole organizational form. In particular, customers have put forward higher standards for us, forcing us to achieve high-end development with current ideas and methods, such as intelligent manufacturing 2025 proposed by China and industry 4.0 proposed by Europe. The so-called upgrading of manufacturing industry, It is the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, which is the collection of three elements: automation, digitalization and human-computer interaction, and digitalization is the premise. "

it is understood that the intelligent manufacturing of Weichai group has gone through five years, and Weichai is also one of the "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration bases" determined by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Tan Xuguang said, "Weichai produced 620000 engines last year. If there is no intelligent manufacturing, it will be a mess. Intelligent manufacturing is to use Internet technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs."

from the development of Weichai, the enterprise has transformed from a single engine company to a golden industrial chain of engine + gearbox + axle; Not only the powertrain, but also the whole vehicle has been transformed; In the process of completing the vehicle transformation, it went abroad to promote international mergers and acquisitions. It can be said that Weichai has been ahead of intelligent manufacturing

made in China is moving towards higher quality development. Tan Xuguang has three suggestions: first, we must cultivate a number of world-class enterprises with international influence and mastering the most advanced technology in the world. Without this, we can't talk about moving towards the middle and high end and the world; Second, we should focus on innovation, do it in a down-to-earth manner, not with gongs and drums; Third, the government should create a good ecosystem and cultivate a group of excellent entrepreneurs

Tan Xuguang also reminded those extreme enterprises engaged in intelligent manufacturing. Tan Xuguang said that putting forward intelligent manufacturing too early and pursuing intelligent manufacturing too quickly is a radical way. The premise of intelligent manufacturing is to have very good basic management conditions and technology accumulation. If there is no prerequisite, everything is zero

accelerate the implementation of the national VI emission standard

as a deputy to the National People's Congress, Tan Xuguang submitted two proposals to the general assembly, one of which is the proposal on accelerating the implementation of the national VI phase emission standard

"promote the government supervision departments to speed up the implementation of the national VI standard engine for road use. While raising the standard, we should increase the cost of violating the law in the same period of the law, resolutely crack down on the phenomenon of sneaking chickens and dogs, and, like foreign countries, we should increase the cost of relying on counterfeiting technology." Tan Xuguang said, "under domestic and foreign troubles, our environmental protection inspection does not meet the standards, and the illegal cost is too low." Volkswagen was fined $4.3 billion in the United States for fabricating the "exhaust valve" incident. If you break the law, you'll go bankrupt. That's it

it is reported that the Paris climate agreement stipulates that Member States will strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, control the increase of the global average temperature within 2 degrees Celsius compared with the pre industrialization level, and strive to control the temperature rise within 1.5 degrees Celsius

from a global perspective, it is the general trend to promote green economic and social development, build ecological civilization, and realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature

to accelerate the implementation of the national VI emission standard, Tan Xuguang thought based on three points: first, the need for energy conservation and emission reduction. As an important means of transportation, heavy commercial vehicles play an irreplaceable role in the development of the national economy, but they are also the main pollution source of motor vehicles. Reducing the pollutant emission of heavy vehicles will play an important role in the overall emission reduction. To promote energy conservation and emission reduction, on the one hand, we should actively promote new energy technology innovation and accelerate industrialization and market promotion; On the other hand, we should accelerate the upgrading of traditional energy emission regulations and strictly limit automobile pollution emissions

second, the emission standards are backward. Major European and American countries have begun to implement Euro VI and equivalent emission standards for heavy vehicles around 2010. China has not fully implemented the national V emission standard until July 2017

third, the needs of industry transformation and upgrading. In 2017, the output of internal combustion engines in China exceeded 80million units, with a total power of 2.6 billion kw. For eight consecutive years, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of internal combustion engines, and still has considerable market potential. However, it should be noted that there is still a considerable gap between the comprehensive energy efficiency of China's internal combustion engine products and the international advanced level. The overall innovation ability of the industry is insufficient, and there is no enterprise group leading the industry internationally. Accelerating the upgrading of emission regulations will effectively force the internal combustion engine industry to upgrade technology and accelerate the realization of upgrading and surpassing

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