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Jiangxi Xinyu tangerine will wear uniform

recently, the author learned from the Agricultural Department of Yushui District of Xinyu that from next year, Xinyu tangerine produced in this district will enter the market with the trademark of "Yushui brand"

Xinyu tangerine is a well-known fruit product in Jiangxi Province. In recent years, it has been favored by consumers at home and abroad for its good quality. As the main producing area of Xinyu tangerine, the industry of Xinyu tangerine in Yushui district shows a rapid development momentum. The existing planting area of Xinyu tangerine in the whole region is 40000 mu, and it will grow to 100000 Mu during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". At present, Xinyu tangerine produced in this area has problems such as inconsistent trademarks and disorderly packaging, which has an adverse impact on the marketing, external promotion and publicity of Xinyu tangerine products. Another thing worth mentioning is that it has weakened the market competitiveness to a certain extent. In view of this situation, the district decided to unify the trademark of Xinyu tangerine and guide fruit farmers to enter the market in a group

since the year when the bright dust entered the system, Xinyu tangerine produced in all parts of the area that meet the production standards have all used the "Yushui brand" trademark. Our technology in the district includes additives for engine oil, transmission oil and other vehicle lubricants, industrial lubricants and gasoline and diesel fuels. Xinyu tangerine service center will be established to help fruit farmers do a good job in Xinyu tangerine packaging

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