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Tang Wanli dispels doubts that there is no problem with Delong's capital chain, which is by no means hyping himself. Tang Wanli, the chairman of Delong's board of directors, who has always been low-key, has a high "exposure" recently. In his own words, he used to deal with many of the world's top 500 enterprises, and there was a lot of pressure to talk with them. He always felt that his enterprise was still weak and had less contact with the media, resulting in some misunderstandings. More information will be "disclosed" to everyone in the future, in other words, "invisible Delong" is moving towards transparency

there is no problem in the capital chain

: Recently, Xinjiang Tunhe (600737), Hunan torch a (000549) and alloy investment (000633) have bucked the market one after another in the bull market, with continuous negative declines. According to this, some people believe that your capital chain has problems and your business has deteriorated

Tang Wanli: investors have many choices to invest in stocks, including long-term investment and short-term behavior, which is difficult for us to judge. What I want to say is that our business is normal. Delong is dedicated to production. Please re tension the tension wheel; Industry

: Hunan torch a recently announced that Delong had pledged 37.33 million corporate shares it held to Jinan Jiefang Road branch of CITIC Industrial Bank because it provided loan pledge guarantee

Tang Wanli: this pledge of Hunan torch a is for the financing of Shandong Denong agricultural means supermarket. According to the requirements of the bank, the bank needs to provide pledge for providing comprehensive credit, so it is normal to pledge the shares of Hunan Torch a. Delong has more than 600 agricultural materials supermarkets in Shandong. Now it is the beginning of spring. These supermarkets provide farmers with agricultural materials such as fertilizers and seeds for spring ploughing, which requires capital turnover

the financial industry has not entered the core business

: in the past two years, Delong has made frequent moves to become the owner of local commercial banks, but recently Delong's actions in this regard seem to be quietly ending

Tang Wanli: the restructuring of commercial banks has not been fully market-oriented. Under the current system, Delong is not particularly suitable for entry. Delong has special research institutions and many researchers, who have good ideas for banks, but they can't do it yet, so they can only give suggestions to the government. What we really want to make a difference is industry, not commercial banks

: Recently, 10 entrepreneurs in the Federation of industry and Commerce initiated the establishment of Minsheng trust. Is Delong one of them

Tang Wanli: No. We just want to be an industry. At present, we have no intention to enter the core business of finance

what we really want to do is industry

: the industries Delong has entered in these years are cement, food processing industry, auto parts, etc. in other words, it is a relatively popular industry and industries with high return rate, such as high-tech network, biopharmaceutical, finance, etc., but Delong is not deep into

Tang Wanli: Delong also wants high returns. Delong's current industry is not purely active in industry selection. There are historical reasons for this. Delong has a history of 18 years and began to work in agriculture. Many industries in China are facing market access problems. The threshold for private enterprises to enter is high, and there are many barriers. Second, it is related to investment capacity. We are willing to do it one by one like old scalpers

: Delong has bought more industries overseas in recent years. Does this represent a trend

Tang Wanli: This is related to our industrial integration. In the second half of 2000, alloy investment formed a strategic alliance with Murray, the third largest garden machinery manufacturer in the United States, to integrate domestic small engines and their downstream products through Murray's mature brand and extensive sales network, and enter the international market through Murray's sales channels. In 2003, Delong acquired Murray company, making alloy investment rapidly become the largest similar company in the world. In 2000, Delong began to cooperate with Heinz and other companies in the United States, making Tunhe, Xinjiang, the second largest supplier of ketchup in the world, with high elasticity and permeability. In 1999, Delong became the largest brake system supplier in the world by acquiring mat company, the largest importer of braking system in the United States...

: will the acquisition of overseas business lead to more cooperation with overseas famous intermediaries

Tang Wanli: Delong has hired famous consulting companies for overseas mergers and acquisitions, and well-known intermediaries such as KPMG, McKinsey, Kearney, Deloitte, Sundstrand and Korn ferry have worked closely with Delong. In 1999, Delong moved its headquarters from Beijing to Shanghai. Delong really formed the concept of a headquarters from the organizational structure, and the new organizational structure was created by Roland. Designed by Berg. McKinsey & company did research on the international market of renewable rubber for Delong and the cooperation case of the average price of 17140 yuan/ton in the Chinese and foreign markets of electric tools in the first quarter; Boston and Kearney respectively took the case of domestic fruit juice beverage and cement market integration

: Generally speaking, large groups have their own household products. Haier has household appliances and new hope has feed. What is Delong's main business

Tang Wanli: This is also where everyone has doubts about Delong. Delong is an investment company. It will quit after investing in a project of a certain scale and no longer making money. Besides, Ge didn't determine its main business at the beginning, but also continued to enter and exit, and finally found the most suitable business for itself

: what is Delong's investment philosophy? How can the cement, food processing and auto parts industries be so big

Tang Wan will scratch the surface of the lens. Inside: the investment philosophy is: take the operation of capital as a lever, adopt the principle of "four or two pulling a thousand pounds", and quickly obtain the control and operation right of industrial integration through layer by layer mergers and acquisitions

it is the industries of listed companies that grow, which is also the charm of the capital market. First, change the ownership structure of listed companies by buying shell for listing; Adjust the product structure by injecting high-quality assets to change the main business structure of listed companies; Through mergers and acquisitions, trusteeship, entrusted processing and other forms, the listed companies

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