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Tan Xuguang investigates Weichai (Chongqing) automobile dianzan new factory new products

Tan Xuguang investigates Weichai (Chongqing) automobile dianzan new factory new products

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Ningbo (Jiangbei) high tech Industrial Park and Cixi magnetic town project, which are famous for "film magic power town", are supported by the world's top 500 enterprises - Air Liquide Group of France, which provides raw materials such as hydrogen, synthetic ammonia and nitrogen for Shenyuan project A batch of domestic well-known industrial parks such as Shanghai Qingpu national new material industrial base will launch promotional activities

chairman Tan Xuguang visited Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd. from May 7 to 8 during the first quarter operation analysis meeting and chief financial officer working meeting of Shandong heavy industry · Weichai Power in Chongqing

at the special working meeting of Weichai (Chongqing) automobile held on May 7, ye Ziqing, President Assistant of Weichai Power and general manager of Weichai (Chongqing) automobile, reported the recent work progress, and the participants discussed the completion of Weichai (Chongqing) automobile's first quarter budget indicators, product development, sales, procurement, brand promotion and other issues. The meeting stressed that Weichai (Chongqing) automobile should do its marketing work in a down-to-earth manner, so as to ensure the gradual increase of sales volume and prevent sharp fluctuations

Tan Xuguang investigated Weichai (Chongqing) automobile and praised the new factory and new products

in his speech, chairman Tan Xuguang pointed out that the cadres and employees of Weichai (Chongqing) automobile get along well and maintain a good working state and mental outlook. In the face of the severe macroeconomic environment, dare to face difficulties and take responsibility. The research on the competition in the automobile market is relatively good, and the production and marketing research team has been organized to tackle key problems in place. The factory has been built and put into operation in just over a year, and many important achievements have been made, which should be fully affirmed

chairman Tan Xuguang requires that we should take the initiative to overcome difficulties. Product sales are the wind vane to focus on the performance of operations. We should focus on a series of issues, such as sales network, brand positioning, communication channels and so on; Cadres and employees should work together to build an excellent, loyal and honest procurement team; The financial system should calculate carefully, make good use of funds, speed up the formation of a complete fund management and control system, and ensure the normal operation of enterprises. Tan Xuguang hopes that the majority of cadres and employees will continue to maintain the momentum of passion and entrepreneurship, establish an efficient, flexible and rapid response market management system, make a world in the market segment, and let all sectors of society and consumers see the sustainable and healthy development of Weichai (Chongqing) automobile

on the morning of May 8, chairman Tan Xuguang also led the personnel participating in the economic operation analysis meeting to visit Shuangfu production plant, understand in detail the on-site production conditions of the four branches of general assembly, coating, welding and stamping, and carefully inspect the models of Yingzhi G3, Yingzhi 737, E201, big pickup truck and so on. He also sat in a waste plastic granulator with great interest, which is easy to cause environmental pollution in the process of operation. Yingzhi 737 experienced the situation of the vehicle first-hand

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