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Unexpected harvest, the reason why Minghe hardware tools entered this industry was actually quite unexpected. At that time, it was simply because the machine tool of the factory was reduced due to the problem of oil injection pump, and the industrial structure was adjusted, and the construction period there was very tight. I happened to know some mechanical knowledge, and I also knew the structure in my daily life, and stood up in times of crisis, I didn't expect this experience to become the foundation road in the future. The person in charge of Minghe hardware tools talked about the period he worked hard at that time and entered the fast lane of benign development, showing a look of nostalgia. At that time, although it was repaired, there was no professional technician in charge of this, and the subsequent maintenance was still very troublesome. When there was no way, I had to study the product function and function of the oil injection pump myself. I thought that as a core device, it still had many aspects that could be improved, so I decided to study the core process in depth. Unexpectedly, it had been done for so many years

Minghe hardware tools, as a self owned brand that started from practice, has quite rich experience in products. They are full-time engaged in the production of oil injection pumps of different types and schemes, bringing a smoother industrial production process. After years of painstaking research, they have not only developed the traditional optimized oil injection pump, but also high-tech products such as punch overload pump and dual solenoid valve. They have good industry experience in the industry, coupled with rich and diverse products and high-quality service guarantee, these advantages have accumulated a lot of reputation for them. Minghe hardware tools, which has strong strength, currently has its own production Park and specially modified production line. Coupled with the hard work of employees, the quality of products has been well received among the masses

(actual photo of punch overload pump of Minghe hardware tools)

the person in charge is quite concerned about the strength of the product in his future plan. We also want to make a clear comparison with similar products in this regard, because our products have great advantages in their own quality and service, so they have been recognized by many users. Up to now, our Minghe has accumulated a considerable reputation. Our products not only show the aluminum alloy battery packs, fenders, crash beams, subframes and other types of body and chassis parts brought by many enterprises, but also show the new aluminum alloy material technology in an all-round way, which has won a reputation among users in automobile manufacturing, After 8 years of research and development, it has successfully developed slurry polyethylene catalyst PSE (1) 00 with independent intellectual property rights. The mainland market also has export channels, because the established partners are very abundant. At present, Minghe hardware tools can be said with satisfaction that it has realized its dream of connecting with the international rail. We are also honored to help more people solve the problem of fuel injection pump and help more users have a comfortable experience of machine tool use

(picture of Minghe hardware tools duplex solenoid valve product)

our goal is to become a professional hardware tool manufacturer, provide consumers with higher quality lubrication pumps, solenoid valves and overload protection devices, and help them complete their work more efficiently and safely. The person in charge talked about the future direction, full of positive expectations. Adhering to the professionalism of the core process of the oil injection pump is the way that Minghe hardware tools will still go in the future

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