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Can an unborn fetus be a father? American husband and wife gave birth to their brother's son

an American husband and wife combined the clearing machine and table wife to give birth to a boy through in vitro fertilization, but they found that the child's blood type did not match them, so they went to have a paternity test. The result surprised them: it was not their child. However, the clinic that served them produced conclusive evidence that the child was indeed born to them. What's going on

they followed the advice of barista, a genetics expert at Stanford University, accepted a more comprehensive and in-depth paternity test, and solved the mystery. It turned out that the father of the child had an unborn twin brother, and the cells and genes of the unborn twin were absorbed by the father of the child in the early pregnancy. Although the ordinary paternity test with saliva as the test object denied the parent-child relationship, further tests with semen as the test object found that the child continued to be a sincere friend and common companion, and it was the "extra gene" absorbed by the father from the unborn twin brother

charlesberkrach, a biologist at the University of East Carolina in the United States, told buzzf that this kind of material is absorbed by the other composite material in the eed station under the action of light. There are mainly two kinds of absorption phenomena, which are very common, but difficult to detect. Basically, it will be found only when the encounter similar to this couple occurs

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