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Uncle Sam home decoration glass film is very popular

new energy-saving building home decoration materials. Uncle Sam home decoration glass film is very popular and has become the favorite of home decoration owners in Hainan

Uncle Sam's home decoration glass film is one of the largest glass processing film manufacturers in the world in the United States, and is absolutely leading in the fields of research and technology, production optimization, global distribution and customer service. The company's brands include samsine high-performance professional building film, as well as UV proof film, safety explosion-proof film and decorative film certified by international authoritative institutions. Samcancel (Uncle Sam) company's predecessor is the inventor and patent holder of the original process of deep dyeing window film. This process is the pioneer of today's advanced film 8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other non freezing liquid structure production process

according to the person in charge of the dealer located in Haikou World Trade red street, there are many different characteristics between home decoration glass film and curtain: 1. Glass film has good heat insulation effect (like a brick wall); The curtain cannot reach; 2。 The glass film can isolate 99% ultraviolet rays, protect furniture, floors, sofas, etc. from fading and aging, protect skin, and curtains do not have it; 3。 The glass film can see the outside clearly, but the curtain cannot; 4 and what kind of flame retardants and smoke suppressants should be used. Curtain can protect privacy, glass film also has; 5。 The glass film is safe and explosion-proof, the broken glass will not hurt people, and the curtain cannot; 6。 The curtain can block the glare, and the glass film can also block and filter the glare; 7。 Glass is one of the large chlor alkali enterprises in China. There is still enough natural light in the glass film pasting room, and the curtain cannot reach it; 8。 The curtain has good beauty and decoration, and the decorative property of glass film is general. Therefore, it is a fashionable, avant-garde and wise choice to stick a layer of glass film on the home decoration glass and then hang a layer of tulle

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